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  januski 08:20 27 Sep 2011

I tried this question on another forum but no one has replied, hopoe I've got better luck here.

I'm mulling over building my own PC and would like some feedback.

I was originally going to upgrade my own which is a two year old Mesh but as I want to change the case I thought I would make a fresh start and perhaps utilise some of my original components in order to reduce costs.

The components I would like to re-use are the two DVD drives, the card reader, TV card, and hopefully the PSU if the power rating is high enough which I hope someone will advise me. I would also like to fit my existing 500Gb HDD as an extra data storage.

I am thinking of using an Intel i5 quad core along with a suitable motherboard. I will fit a new 1TB HDD. As for graphics card, perhaps a Sapphire ATI Fanless HD6570 Ultimate 1GB, I don't need a high end graphics card as I don't use my computer for gaming.

My present PSU is a Corsair 450W which is very quiet and I would like to know if this would be enough to handle the above or will I need more power.

  gengiscant 08:38 27 Sep 2011

PSU is fine for your needs as things stand.

You do not mention what your budget is or whether you were thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 or not.Are your optical drives IDE or Sata,same question for the 500GB HDD?

Most modern boards come with mainly Sata connections and you may get just the one IDE header on the board which would make connecting 3 IDE components problematic. Certainly not impossible but a nuisance.

  januski 09:20 27 Sep 2011

That what I call a quick reply, thanks.

To be honest I don't really have a budget in mind, the only reason for using some of my existing components is why waste money if parts like drives etc which I consider fine can be utilised.

My present computer uses Sata connections. It was a new computer from Mesh just a couple of years ago so the components aren't that old. The PSU I replaced a year ago to increase the power for the graphics card I fitted.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium and as it it my own bought full version I will be able to install this in the new build.

My existing 500Gb hard drive which I bought earlier this year I would like to use as an extra data storage drive.

My computer at present has an Intel core duo 6420 2.13Ghz cpu. I do a lot of photo editing which requires good processing speed and memory and at present my existing RAM is 4Gb which is the max it can handle.

I suppose you could just say replace the MOBO, CPU and graphics card, but I would like to replace the case to accomodate the addition HD.

I haven't decided on a choice of MOBO yet but I think I would like to use the i5 CPU.

I'm a stickler for having a quiet PC hence my choice in a fanless graphics card. I already have one of these but I intend to upgrade that.

  gengiscant 10:00 27 Sep 2011

Obviously if your looking for quite in a PC then decent case fans are a must also controllable is also helpful.

Some suggestions:





The i5 2500K is probably one of the best chips around.

I tend to lean towards Asus motherboards with Gigabyte a close second in my builds.

My current board

Take your pick

I am assuming that you are using the 32 Bit version of Windows 7 so no more than 4GB ram is needed but if you choose to use 64Bit then you can use much more. I would recommend moving to 64 Bit,but its your choice.


As you will notice that I have chosen most of the components from the one store, I have had good service from then, including any returns I have had to make. In fact I returned a 60GB SSD yesterday, I expect it a replacement by the end of the week.

As stated at the beginning these are just suggestions, should you want an opinion on anything you select,then please post.

  januski 14:46 02 Oct 2011

I finally decided to do a rebuild using my own case, PSU, and drives.

I installed an Asus P8H67-M motherboard along with the Intel i5 2500 CPU.

After assembling and attempting to boot up I receive the message detect devices then 'No device' appears and that's it.

I accepted the attempt to repair but that was unable to cure the problem.

In the BIOS I can see all my devices and even after I tried some reconfiguration I'm still left with the same problem.

I can see that it's attempting to read the HDD as it comes up with 'Starting [email protected] before giving up and displaying 'No Device'.

I had managed at one point to get into ststem restore and did a restore but that didn't solve anything.

I then put my old motherboard and CPU back into my computer to check the hard drive and everything is normal.

Any help please.

  gengiscant 15:54 02 Oct 2011

You will have to do a fresh install of Windows as all the motherboard drivers etc will be for your old Mobo. You can use any hard-drive to install your operating system on, then install all your drivers, motherboard, graphics card.Then update Windows, then copy all your personal files over to the C drive, once you have done that you could then copy the whole drive to your bigger hard-drive and use the other as back up.

  januski 16:03 02 Oct 2011

Thanks for that reply.

Prior to this, someone had told me this would just be a case of fitting the board and the system would take care of the rest.

At one point during this problem I thought I would try booting up from my Windows installation disc but apart from it whirring around nothing happened.

  gengiscant 17:12 02 Oct 2011

You will need to go in to the BIOS tap delete I think wit Asus boards and change the boot order to CD/DVD then make sure your Windows disk is in your optical drive and you are good to go.

With XP there is a way to do it, I have never done it as it cause,I believe more problems than it solves, a fresh install is always the preferred way.

Other than the delete button try tapping F8 or F12 one of them brings up a window allowing you to choose boot order. Remember to reset it to hard-drive after you have installed windows.

  januski 14:35 03 Oct 2011

Everything up and running now, just the remainder of my software to install.

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