Advice needed for upgrade please

  Ballie 17:38 17 Sep 2006

I would like up-grade my mother boad,processor I would like to stick with AMD but as I have not been following the pc world for the last few years so I have no idea which of the latest AMD chips to go for, if I can I would like to keep my memory and AGP card but I hear that these PCI express graphics cards are much faster than the old AGP cards so if advised I will change that to.

I am not after cutting edge stuff, I would rather get better value by buying year old technology.

My budget will be about £300 - £500 the less the better, I am after a machine that will play all my sons games.

Can anyone help guide me though my upgrade purchase, I will do the build my self as I built my last two pc's.

My current pc has the following configuration.

MSI – 6570E (v1.x) K7N2 Delta2 Plat
CPU - AMD BARTON 3200+ (400mhz)@ 2.20GHz
Memory - 1024mb DDR 400mhz (2x512 Corsair XMS3200XL TwinX)
Graphics - BFG Nvida Gforce 6600GT o/c AGP 128mb
Sound – on board AC97
NEC DVD (DV5800b)
NEC DVD/RW (ND3520a)
HDD 1 - W/D 120GB 8mb cache
HDD 2 - Maxtor 40GB
PSU - Tagan TG480-u01 +12v 28A, +5v 48A, +3.3v 2
Monitor – Samsung SyncMaster 913N 60hz R/R

  STREETWORK 17:43 17 Sep 2006

This spec should last for a couple of year yet.

New monitor? more memory? larger HD's? Better Graphics card?

Maybe you could do all this...

  Ballie 21:17 17 Sep 2006


I take your point but by the time I have bought more memory, new gfx card (which would be the old AGP) and a bigger hdd, i might as well go for a AMD 64 bit cpu and new mother board.

  STREETWORK 21:21 17 Sep 2006

Naww..Keep the money and go on holiday...

  DieSse 22:31 17 Sep 2006

Your system is still a pretty decent spec.

The latest and fastest processors (by far) are the intel Core2 Duo.

IMO going from where you are to somewhere better but not best, would not be enough of an improvement for the money. I would wait until the start of next year and get a Core2 Duo system. By then quad core processors will be being announced, and dual core prices will be starting to ease. Then you really will get a substantial boost for the money.

  Ballie 23:02 17 Sep 2006


Thanks for the heads up I think I will wait until next year as you have said, and go for a duo, but what is IMO ?

  Totally-braindead 23:32 17 Sep 2006

In My Opinion. IMO.

  DieSse 23:32 17 Sep 2006

IMO = In My Opinion

  zincy 00:11 18 Sep 2006

wow your system is almost same spec as mine!!
expect i got a 6800 geforce.. but as DieSse says wait until next year before upgrading as your systems seems reasonable for the time being

  Ballie 07:24 18 Sep 2006


I will wait as DiSse has said, but I am having trouble with my memory (1024mb DDR 400mhz 2x512 Corsair XMS3200XL TwinX)it would seem that although corsair say it is good with this board some people are having problems, the memory is good (7 1/2 hours on memtest86 v3.2 with no error) but some times you get problems with it running 3d games I am not alone with this proplem.

Can you tell me what memory you run with this board?

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