Advice needed from TV engineers re:- errant crt tv

  six-h 15:05 21 Jan 2009

I'm trying to squeeze the last vesages of life from an Hitachi Opus TV circa 1993, model No if it helps is C2564TN.
When switched on, it enters "Standby", but for some months now when the power button on the R/C is pressed, the set responds, but the standby light immediately re-apears,blinking once per second, and this is accompanied by an audible click from the speakers.
The delay between power on, and apearence of the picture has steadily increased until it reached an unacceptable 15 minutes or so.
I then resorted to violence!
A hefty whack with the heel of my hand delivered to the rear casing was usually sufficient to encourage performance.
This too has escalated, to the point where I can nolonger deliver a sufficientlypersuasive blow to encourage the spark of life and I have to wait maybe in excess of an hour for it to spontaneously fire up!
Today, sadly, the hour has well passed, and no amount of percussive persuasion has any effect!
I've had it to bits, in the hope that I could see something either lose, or burned, but no joy.
I've "mucked out" the inside of all the furry dust etc. and fired it up, (yes I know it's dangerous!) and had a poke around with the end of the nylon Hoover tool, to see if there were any loose contacts, but again no joy.
Any ideas before I re-assemble it and give up? :-(

  Pamy 15:16 21 Jan 2009

Your 16 year old TV has served you well and perhaps it time to say farewell, adios goodbye old friend.

  ashdav 15:24 21 Jan 2009

Probably a dry solder joint initially (power supply and deflection section is favourite for this)but this can damage other components if not rectified.
Have a look around the print side of the pcb with an eye glass.

  tullie 15:28 21 Jan 2009

Buy a new one.

  €dstowe 16:09 21 Jan 2009

Be VERY careful if you follow ashdav's advice. There are some extremely high and fatal voltages lurking around inside CRT apparatus. If you don't know exactly where you are searching you might be best booking a mortician before doing anything.

  six-h 16:13 21 Jan 2009

Pamy & tullie:
I concurr with your wisdom!
However, it's just a bit inconvenient, I'm planning some building work, after which I will have a room large enough for a 50" LCD, but with the most optimistic forecast, that's likely to be 9/10 months down the road, and I really don't want to buy a stopgap TV, especially since I have two serviceable but similar vintage sets that I brought back from Dubai when I finished working there.
Problem is neither of those have scart sockets to connect my PVR!!
Thanks for that, I can only access about threequaters of the underside of the PCBs without major dismantling, the tray won't come right out due to the various flying leads.
Having examined what I can, there's no obvious d/j's or signs of excessive burning, just heat, over the years!

  six-h 16:17 21 Jan 2009

€dstowe, Thanks for your warning, I think I'm about ready for the mortician without the aid of a few thousand volts! lol
It's unplugged at present, and I left it for about 3 Hrs before poking around, still very respectful of the HT boards and bits tho!

  birdface 16:52 21 Jan 2009

I will agree with ashdav probably a dry joint somewhere but so hard to find.Time to go visit the Library I think.

  six-h 17:00 21 Jan 2009

>>Time to go visit the Library I think.<<
As an alternative to an evening in front of the telly??

  six-h 18:33 21 Jan 2009

Would you believe it!
having re-assembled it and left it ticking away in the corner for an hour, one hefty whack and it fired up!
The one benefit from the cleaning is that I no longer need a telescopic site to aim the remote control, I now have aproximately a 15 degree cone of visibility.
Result....of sorts:-)

  Pineman100 18:58 21 Jan 2009

You need to learn the technical terminology. It's not 'a hefty whack', it's 'impact maintenance'.


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