Advice needed on submitting to google

  erkmatrix 14:00 27 May 2005


Just after advice really, I had a flash site built using and was pleased with the results then someone told me that flash sites are not good for search engines and people want quick loading sites. So I decided to also do my own designed site in frontpage.

What my question is is about submission to google. My flash is click here and the html frontpage site is click here.
The main sites front page is the index page of my frontpage but has little text on and just gives the surfer a choice of html or flash.

Whats the best way to submit this, I don't want to break any googles rules about submitting both urls.
And will it spoil my listing not having much text and info on my index page.

Also my domain company registerfly have a feature that they can submit domains to search engines, is it best to do this on your own using googles submission forms though.

Any advice would be appreciated


  anchor 14:39 27 May 2005

Your flash link works, but your second "" link does`nt:

"The page cannot be displayed"

  erkmatrix 15:00 27 May 2005

Argh sorry mate its click here I put a . in instead of a - in that last url.

  ewebber 16:58 27 May 2005

I just wanted to say that submitting to Google is a long process, and it will find you faster by having links from sites that are already listed, linking to high ranking sites is also the best way to work your way up the list.

  erkmatrix 17:20 27 May 2005

I thought I read google didn't work from links anymore because of people spamming links to get rated higher

  Forum Editor 22:35 27 May 2005

It's not necessary - the search engine will find you and index you. The important thing is to concentrate on getting your site ready for when the engine comes visiting. Check that all your links are working properly, and that you have nothing in the way of adult content. Make sure that your site's navigation is in good order, and update the content regularly and often.

  erkmatrix 00:05 28 May 2005

cheers guys

So will it affect my site not having much info on my index page and using it more as a entrance page.

  erkmatrix 11:07 28 May 2005

What do you mean exactly about lack of contrast between text and background?
I need people visiting the site, yeah can only do one portrait at a time and I see what your saying but have to be in the search engines for people to actually order. Offline marketing costs are far too high to be sending out leaflets all around the UK.

Will google find the flash site, moonfruit say that all the sites now are done so google can read them somehow converting so they are read as html?

Trouble is with frontpage its hard to get nice looking words fitted at the top as it seems very basic when it comes to spacing things out. I hate the way you can't move text next to images.

  erkmatrix 11:33 28 May 2005

If I was to change the site which I think I maybe should now you say it won't be found, I've looked at and looking at the source code from other sites that are highly placed, what should I look for to be including.

I noticed one site has
-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en under doc type and stuff like name, author, meta name="Description" content=,
meta name="Robots" content="indexall,followall"> <meta name="revisit" content="7 days">

is all this stuff the things I need to be doing and getting rid of the entrance page and make sure I have lots of actual words on the pages and not word graphics.

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