Advice Needed on portable external 1Tb Drive

  julius44 10:11 24 Dec 2009

Hello everyone, and merry xmas in advance. I need some advice from the great people on here please....i wish to purcahse a 1tb external hard drive....preferably a portable one, but i'm on s strict budget off no more then £70, ive seen a few with and without USB, but i wanted to find out why some are fully portable with just usb and some have to have power sources...examples below

click here
click here

and finally here

As u can see the last one is quite pricey, and i do realise that it does not require a powee source, but WHY cant the other 2 above NOT require a powere source either.....and is there any wehre that i can get the 3rd one WITHOUT a power source for under £70 please???? If not i'll just have to go maybe with the first one.

  bremner 10:20 24 Dec 2009

The Western Digital has a 2.5" HDD and this can be powered through USB - Hence why it is double the price.

The Seagate has a 3.5" HDD and this require mains power.

I bought the Seagate last week from Amazon, ordered on Saturday arrived Monday.

  johndrew 10:22 24 Dec 2009

For the drive to run it needs power. Where the power source is external (mains) it takes nothing from your PC via USB where it is USB only ALL power is drawn through the PC to run the drive. In the case of a desktop this may not be important but if using a laptop on battery alone it will put a significant drain on resources.

Additionally, depending on the PC, the drive may draw more power through the USB than it is designed for.

USB only drives should be designed to draw the minimum of power to operate and have dedicated circuitry to facilitate this. It will however depend on the design quality which in turn may well be reflected in the price you pay.

If you are using the drive on a laptop and can avoid using it on battery you would be wise to do so. I should add that in my opinion a mains operated drive is better than a USB unit if you can use it.

  julius44 10:23 24 Dec 2009

okay bremner, so u said u bought the seagate one for £60?? What is it like??? Is it portable and can it easily fit in a little bag please??? Even though i do realise it has a power supply. Since u have bought it, if u reccoemend it, then it seems i'll go for that then.

  julius44 10:25 24 Dec 2009

Thanks for the info Johndrew, you have really made it clear to me would u def reccomned the amazon one for £60 then???

  bremner 10:32 24 Dec 2009

The Seagate is 8" x 4" x 1.5" and can easily fit into a bag. It only has USB connection and the mains lead has the tranformer as part of the plug and ot a seperate block.

It worked out the box and is fairly quiet in operation.

  julius44 10:43 24 Dec 2009

Many thanks Bremner, u have sold this to me already. I'm def gonna go for the £60 seagate one now as an early xmas pressie for myself.

  realist 11:06 24 Dec 2009

I have the Seagate 500Gb portable usb powered drive and it works seamlessly with desktop/laptop/netbooks.

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