Advice needed on major broadband issue

  Al94 09:45 11 Mar 2004

Brief history. Installed broadband 12 months ago. ISP is Nildram. Original wireless modem/router failed last August, refund from Dabs and bought Netgear DG824M wireless modem router on recommendation.(Home network, 3 PC's attached) All generally fine until about three weeks ago apart from short outages at times which i could live with.

Since then, generally OK during the day but modem looses synch from about 5.00pm to around 11.00pm every day. Sometimes there are short outages during the day. BT came out twice to test line, they claimed that line was operating at acceptable levels but with netgear modem connected there was additional 7db of noise on the line which would cause problems. They suggested I contact Netgear which I did and they sent a replacement but there are exactly the same problems with it. With teenage family and no internet at night you can imagine the pressure I an under. I also have a Zoom USB modem which I have tried when the Netgear ones won't synch. It has to be said that it will invariably synch after several minutes trying but is unstable and drops connection.

BT appera to be ashing their hands of it saying problem traced to my equipment, I am trying to speak to Netgear UJ support, their helpdesk which appears to be in India have "escalated" the issue and UK support are to call me (still waiting after 2 days) - Nildram seem to accept there must be a problem but having difficulty making progress.

I feel that something must have changed in the past three weeks to make the problem so serious and consistent, when the Netgear kit is working, it flies as it is doing now, surely three different modems can't be the problem. Help please!

  Al94 09:51 11 Mar 2004

Sorry about typos above. Should have added that all PC's virus checked, no problems. Also all tests carried out with modem attached to main BT socket and also tested to usual site in the house which confirmed no internal loss on wiring. All filters checked, problem still there when attached to main BT box with no phones or filters attached.

  deadneat 10:38 11 Mar 2004

click here Hope you find the info you require.

  Al94 10:42 11 Mar 2004

Thanks deadneat, I have looked at that in the past, when it's working eveything checks out OK with spped etc just as it should be. It's a case of modem either sychnronises and works perfectly or won't synch at all.

Could be interference from something in the house that comes on at 5.00pm and goes off at 11.oopm? Check any internal phone wiring is not running parallel to mains wiring.

  Al94 11:08 11 Mar 2004

Thought of that, there is nothing new or different in the house,internal phone wiring is not running near mains cables but as problem still exists when attached to main BT box in the hall with no phones or filters attached, problem remains. There have been intermittent outages this morning as well.

  deadneat 11:43 11 Mar 2004

RADSL will allow users to get connected at distances up to 5.5km. It is still heavily dependent upon the WOOOSH test and you may still fail if your line has a large amount of signal loss on it. At present, the limit is 59dB, for previous ADSL installs it was 45dB. How close are you to the limit? BT stated "acceptable levels but with netgear modem connected there was additional 7db of noise on the line which would cause problems".

  Al94 11:54 11 Mar 2004

This may be the problem, test on line was 57db but with netgear modem 64db, yet it is generally fine during the day but no synch in the evening but only really bad for the past three weeks. I have had broadband for the past year. What could have changed recently?

  deadneat 12:05 11 Mar 2004

Temperature, water ingress, harmonics etc. You are on the limits @ 57db. Are any neighbours on BB. Are they having probs?

  JerryJay 12:23 11 Mar 2004

Borrow a different modem to try out. Or change to different ISP to try out (too expensive), try to find any other users of Nildram have similar problem. Try just on PC.

Maybe some people around you start to use offpeak dialup over last 3 weeks.

  deadneat 12:37 11 Mar 2004

"problem still there when attached to main BT box with no phones or filters attached". Can you remove the front plate on the BT box and plug directly into the service socket?

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