Advice needed with Frontpage 2002 again please

  STEVE71163 17:10 14 Jun 2003

I have just purchased 35mb of webspace and a domain name this afternoon from click here . It is their value host pro package. Is this ok with Frontpage 2002? Is their anything else i need?

  Taran 18:04 14 Jun 2003

It doesn't actually say which version they support on their site. You should email them and ask which version(s) of FrontPage they support and if they don't offer version 2002 ask how much it would be as an extra to have this feature. It isn't normally very expensive to have them as an optional upgrade.

It is a little disappointing to see such ambiguous marketing though. Offering FrontPage server extensions is all well and good but I wish hosts would all make a point of displaying which versions they do or do not natively support and which they will support for an added fee. It would avoid a lot of confusion for those starting out in web design.

just email them with your account details and ask whether you can use FrontPage 2002.



  STEVE71163 18:48 14 Jun 2003

Thanks Taran. I have e-mailed them so hopefully they do support 2002 otherwise they are advertising something that is not true and should make the site clearer.

  STEVE71163 21:05 14 Jun 2003

I have now recieved a reply-

Our extensions are Frontpage 2000 however you will be able to upload and use most features of 2002 also.

Does this sound ok?

  Forum Editor 23:02 14 Jun 2003

but you may find that the odd FP 2002 feature doesn't work - offhand I can't think of any.

It might be worth asking if they'll install the latest version for you - they don't cost anything, and take little time/effort to install.

  STEVE71163 07:08 15 Jun 2003

Here is another e mail from them-

Some advanced features of 2002 won't work (features added in 2002 following 2000) as we only have 2000 extensions however you'll be able to publish pretty much everything without any problems at all.

So hopefully i will be ok??

  Forum Editor 12:19 15 Jun 2003

Publish your site and see what happens.

  STEVE71163 17:53 16 Jun 2003

I have just put a photograph on my home page and it will not let me put text around it. What am i doing wrong??

  Forum Editor 20:29 16 Jun 2003

how you want the image to behave.

Right click on your image and select 'picture properties'. When the dialogue opens select the 'appearance' tab and specify the wrapping style you want. Increase the 'horizontal spacing' and 'vertical spacing' figures to make the text separate from the image edge so that it doesn't jam right up tight to it. The higher the figure the bigger the gap between text and image.

As with all things to do with web design software - experiment. Watch what happens when you change things, and remember to use the 'preview' option to see what your changes will look like on the web.

  STEVE71163 20:36 16 Jun 2003

What i meant to say is that the text will go above and below the picture but not next to it.

  STEVE71163 21:26 16 Jun 2003

I have worked that out. On to the next bit :0)

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