advice needed for buying components

  toni b 17:19 01 Nov 2003

Mobo - Aopen AX4R Plus
Cpu - p4 2.8 fsb 533
Graphics - Aopen GeForce FX5800 128MB
HD - Western Digital Raptor 36GB SATA150
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120GB SATA150
Memory - 2 x 512ram ECC from crucial

BUFFALO 54Mbps PCI Bus Card & Antenna
ATX CASE "Zorro"
opticaldrive - AOPEN 16xDVD 48r 48w 24rw
psu - Q-Tec 550W Gold Dual Fan ATX Power

I need a Hsf but what else is missing can any one advise please do i need usb2.0 and firewire or is it already with mobo
Regards Toni

  christmascracker 18:38 01 Nov 2003


  rickf 19:00 01 Nov 2003

You should be able to tell from the specs of the m/b whether it comes woth usb2 and firewire. Just check before you buy from the manufacturer's or the reatiler's.

  rickf 19:02 01 Nov 2003

I should also go for the P4 800fsb and not the 533.

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