Advice needed

  RussG 19:26 24 Jul 2006

Hi - my daughter brought a second hand PC (without consulting anyone for advice) which worked fine at first (I am told) and has XP installed.
She rang me last week, she said the monitor was blank. I got her to test it on another PC and the monitor works OK. I thought it might be a problem with the graphics card but having now seen the PC it is not booting. On startup the floppy is accessed and then the CD but that's as far as it goes. Keyboard and mouse don't light up so nothing is loading.
very diifficult as well as there is no monitor !
Anyone got any ideas?

  Totally-braindead 19:31 24 Jul 2006

Check all the leads inside are connected and that one or more haven't just come loose.
I assume that it was a private second hand sale and theres no guarantee? Most companies that sell second hand PCs will give a limited warranty, something like 30 days.

  phono 19:36 24 Jul 2006

Are there any "beeps" at all when switched on?

Have you tried opening the case and ensuring that all RAM, video and PCI cards, as well as all internal cables and connectors, are all correctly seated? Remember to take anti static precautions by at least grounding yourself by touching a metal radiator or similar before poking around inside, also make sure the computer is switched off.

Also check that any fitted fans are spinning. Try that and post back.

  woodchip 19:37 24 Jul 2006

Are there any beeps when the computer starts if so what and how many. There should be one short beep at most when it start if the internal speaker is connected

  RussG 19:38 24 Jul 2006

Thanks for the quick replies:
private sale and she doesn't have the tel number anymore.
Not delved into the case yet, will check all connections and come back and let you know how I got on. Cheers.

  Totally-braindead 19:40 24 Jul 2006

Beep codes click here

  phono 19:52 24 Jul 2006

Forget the seller, the attitude will be one of "it was working when I sold it" and in fairness it may well have been, a PC isn't really like a car whereby stop gap measures can be taken to make it work work until sold.

  phono 19:53 24 Jul 2006

You beat me to it. ;^)

  RussG 20:03 24 Jul 2006

Opened the case and a card was completely loose - reseated it and everything works. Not sure what it is, havn't been inside a PC for a couple of years - it has a large heatsink - is this the processor - its says Pentium 111 - I thought processors looked different to this. Anyway thanks chaps for your help

  woodchip 20:05 24 Jul 2006

Graphics card. I hope you turned the power off first

  DieSse 20:06 24 Jul 2006

*it has a large heatsink - is this the processor*

Quite likely it is - earlier model PII and PIII came on plug-in cards with large heatsinks. Some of the latching mechanisms were flimsy, or even left out, and the cards then are easily dislodged in transit.

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