advice needed

  pac73 23:14 23 Feb 2006

What it is,im on xp sp2.Ive only got there a limit to how many mb,s i can download before my laptop will really slow down.An example is,ive got microsoft autoroute,and thats 933mb.and ive got quite a few programs downloaded.All my programs come to about 2000mb,s.can anyone give me a bit of advice.Can i download as many programs as i want?

  woodchip 23:22 23 Feb 2006

Don't understand your Question ! if you mean you are downloading programs of the Net then Ram will not make any Difference. If you mean loading Programs on the Laptop yes it will slow the computer, Even when they are not running as they use Resources

  Pamy 23:23 23 Feb 2006

RAM is memory, Your HDD is what stores all your programs and dowloads. XP usually requires at least 256 Mb to run smoothly

  johnnyrocker 23:24 23 Feb 2006

AFAIK it revolves around the size of your hard drive as to what you can download, as to what you can run at the same time will depend on memory.


  johnnyrocker 23:26 23 Feb 2006

must try type quicker.


  skidzy 23:26 23 Feb 2006

If you are asking about the ram and response,i would suggest only having the programs you require in your start up menu.

Basically....try disabling non essential programs from the start up.

If you like to multitask,i would recommend you upgrade you ram if possible.
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  skidzy 23:29 23 Feb 2006

You can download as much as your harddive allows.You may be restricted by your service provider,depending on your tariff with some isp's

  Softstag 23:30 23 Feb 2006

I think you are confusing RAM (Random Access Memory) and Hard Drive Space. RAM is like your short term memory, programs use it to store information whilst they are working. The more RAM you have the better as there is more memory for the programs to be able to make use of. Hard drive space, is space on the hard drive - this is like long term memory. Information is put on the hard drive and even if you turn off the computer (unlike RAM) the data will still be there.

The more programs you open, the more RAM they will need. Different programs need different amounts, and it is not just how much space they take up on the hard drive. If you run out of RAM, then the system will improvise more RAM by using the hard drive to create Virtual Memory. When this happens, the system starts to slow down as it is much slower accessing information from the hard drive than the RAM.

192Mb is not a lot these days, but for you it may be enough. If you find the system slows down during use when you have several things open, then you may need more RAM.

  pac73 23:34 23 Feb 2006

thanks guys,this is my first pc,and i was concerned about having so little ram.i thought if i downloaded loads of programs my laptop might slow down,and that i could only download so many programs.ive only been computing for just over 7 weeks,thats why ive been asking so many questions.

  skidzy 23:39 23 Feb 2006

Ive been learning for 3 years Pac,and still learning off these guys....Good thing is.....You are asking,best way to learn.
Good luck

  De Marcus™ 23:42 23 Feb 2006

Using a pc for just over 7 weeks?????

That's no excuse, you need to ask MORE questions, whatever tickles your fancy, there's always someone here to help. Welcome to the forum and don't be shy to ask some more, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

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