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  ~PC Catastrophe~ 04:33 29 Nov 2006

Would any of you mind giving me some feedback on my website.
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  AndySD 05:22 29 Nov 2006


You have put a lot of work into the site and well its not to my taste but thats personal to me. Since you are trying to sell a service you would be better getting a paid for host as this removes the adverts at the top of the page and would give you your own email address which looks more proffesional.

Overall you are doing well, just a few sugestions to start with though (I remember my first site bieng pulled to pieces and felt like I was rubbish, but now I realise I had a lot to learn and the critisisms helped)

The index page; get rid of the welcome image and move the animation further down the page as with the animation in the adverts its too distracting. Also the Blue text at the top is too dark to make easy reading, the red Help is just a click away needs more space between it and the text above.


  acsmanhtml12 07:48 29 Nov 2006

Right, paid for host is first on agenda. Second get some corperate branding and third, get some decent design that people will not be affraid to visit. I'm sorry but if I were an older persond and the choice was between you and my local PCWorld I know whos going to win every time, PCWorld. I think that your site would benifit from a complete overhaul, backend and everything. my blog click here has covered/ will cover certain design asspects which will go with your site.

  ~PC Catastrophe~ 15:22 30 Nov 2006

I greatly appreciate you guys giving me advice. I am using most of it, the add banners are going to stay until I am sure that I am satisfied with the web-host. Trial before purchase is my policy. I am just a small business in Indiana. I am far from trying to solicit work. I just happened to enjoy building the site for my business so much, I thought that maybe some small local businesses may not want to build one and I could do it for them. At $25 a page its clear I am not offering to build a masterpiece. Not to mention that a small local business isnt going to want a masterpiece built; the survival rate of small businesses is pretty grim.
I just was hoping for a set of eyes from people I didnt know to give me some advice. It says very clearly on the overview for this blog that this is the place to come for such advice. Thank you very much for those of you who were so willing to help. Your comments were so helpful!

  PurplePenny 22:05 30 Nov 2006

fourm member's comments about soliciting work were aimed at Matto not you!

  PurplePenny 22:21 30 Nov 2006

The new colour scheme is much better! The old one had accessibility problems (not enough contrast).

Adding "Servicing Northern Indiana" is a very good idea but having it bouncing about is an accessibility issue (difficult for the visually impaired to read, confusing for people with cognitive disorders and a potential trigger for photo-sensitive epilepsy).

Section 508 is used by a lot of US sites as a guideline for general web site accesibility (though it is only aimed at US government and educational web sites). The official Section 508 web site has a page useful accessibility links and tools:
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  Z1100 00:21 01 Dec 2006

I still do not like the 'welcome' font it looks like it belongs on an 'Amityville Horror' site.

Are you hooked on the site name 'Catastrophe' because I am good with spelling and I would need to think twice about the spelling to resolve the URL? (Q. spelling mistakes).

Have you looked closely at your competitors sites? What is unique about your offer that would make me contact you over the other dozen or so I found for Northern Indiana PCV Repair?

So pleased the black background has gone :) .

In my opinion I prefer sites that use the word 'you' not 'we'. I want to know that;

'Your PC problems are our concern and you do not need to look any further, you can trust us to be there for you now and in the future.'

Really build up the 'you can do it with us' attitude and step back from we can do it for you. Make the customer feel empowered not over powered!

I have not looked beyond the 1st page I am never keen on service pages that do not have a friendly face on them. Even a 2x2 face, show me the human side. I am after all contacting you because technology has failed; I need to see a face telling me not to worry anymore.

I also want to see an extension to the repair; I do not want to pay for a service and then feel 'cold' afterwards. Promise me a very cheap check-up every 4 months for the year after the repair; make me believe that I am in control and that you are there to support me. This may even be a unique selling point. Everyone needs one.

Do you like the adverts on this (PCA) site? If not, bin the ads on your site. If you are not bothered leave them. Personally I want a repair if I come to your site, maybe even an upgrade, |I certainly do not want an advert for Tesco. In fact, do you really want an advert on the front page that leads OFF your site? You want people to stay, not leave.

Finally, for the front page, put the important information above the fold. If you really want adverts put them below the fold. Bottom line is, if I was in PC Trouble I would click away from you because the site looks like it was a school project and if I wanted PC help I would expect the site to look very smart and very expensive because you actually know more than me, don’t you? That is after all why I would be on your site.

Hank! And good luck

  Z1100 00:24 01 Dec 2006

"PCV Repair?"

I am mortified!

Hanx! with a gun at my head...

  Forum Editor 08:12 01 Dec 2006

is about the most irritating thing I've seen in a while. It's not necessary to use gizmos like that in oprder to get your message across - you'll look far more professional if you stick to a business-like plain text approach, with some appropriate images to add interest.

Unfortunately time doesn't allow me to post a detailed critique this morning, but I suggest you take a look at this excellent example of a site dealing with PC repair and maintenance.

click here

  ~PC Catastrophe~ 15:48 01 Dec 2006

I wondered if I would get response to the change, so thank you so much for giving me more advice.
It is so funny it was mentioned about the 'we' and 'you's; I acutally had an editor edit the terms of agreement page because I could tell my usage was poor. LOL I had better go over the rest of it as well.
I want my page to stand out without looking nonprofessional. It seems like so many sites are so 'blah' for lack of a better term, ex. page with letters and a pic here and there. My nine year old could easily created a page that most people use on their site. Can I have some advice about standing out without lack of professionalism? This is something very important to me.
-Response to the picture issue.
I never even thought about making it more human in that aspect, which is crazy because I even made it a point on the home page ~Responses from a human!~ Here is my dilema. I look fairly young although I am nearly 30. I am also a female. This field is soooo male dominated. When I was applying for classes to begin MCSE they were shocked, at more than one school! Comments were made such as "I am so glad a female is getting into this field." My networking professor even made comments while teaching class referring to the field domination. Will the benefits of a picture out weigh the potential of loss of clients?
Patience on the adds. I want to make sure I am sticking with this host. Thanks again everyone.

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