Advice on this month’s PCA cover disc ..

  Brumas 13:09 12 Nov 2004

I run windows XP with Panda Internet Security Suite complemented by Ad-Aware, Spybot ,SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard etc and regularly run CleanUp and PC Pitstop Optimize.
Which of the first class utilities on this month's cover disc do I need to use? Do I use all of them or will they cancel out each other’s good work (with the exception of PC Backup 2005) ?
I would appreciate some guidance please because now that I am on Broadband I can get into trouble a lot faster than I could before….. LOL


  ACOLYTE 13:14 12 Nov 2004

im not sure i think cleanup does what it says and deletes temp,and unused files whilst pc pitstop tells you where you can make changes if any that will be safer and more secure for your pc,so i guess you could run them both.

  ACOLYTE 13:17 12 Nov 2004

Sorry i read your post wrongly,i would say if your pc is running ok now with no problems then you dont need to run any of them.Why fix what isnt broke.

  Brumas 18:05 12 Nov 2004

Aw, don't be a spoilsport, I thought at least I could/should spend some time whizzing through them and 'fixing' my set-up to be blisteringly fast, efficient and 'up-to-date' and perhaps learning a little during the process! I would of course backed-up, created a restore point etc. etc.
Oh well....

  Mango Grummit 18:36 12 Nov 2004

Go for it matey, without hesitation!

PCA is a reputable publication. What can go wrong after-all?

If and when it does, just post back (buddy 10/4).


  ACOLYTE 18:41 12 Nov 2004

Well my advice still stands ,and as for what can go wrong well..thats what the forum is for right?
but why make problems if you dont have to,but that said its up to you just remember the more tweaks you make the harder to get back the original state.

  dan 11 21:00 12 Nov 2004

Just ran PC Accelerator. No problems ;-)

It will probably take you till the next edition comes through the door, to get through that lot.

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