Advice on mobile phone, ref network please.

  bumpkin 15:57 17 Sep 2015

Hello all, I have a basic mobile phone (TTfone TT700 Venus) flip phone. I have had it about a year and it has been working fine using a Tmobile PAYG sim card

This morning when I switched it on the screen lit up brightly and stayed on but nothing on it.

Tried the sim in another phone and it is OK. Unless anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong with it I will have to buy a new one and would like the same phone.

When I have looked around for one they say that they will not work on 3G but I thought Tmobile used 3G so I am confused.

  Govan1x 16:08 17 Sep 2015

About a year. I would imagine it would still be under warranty but not sure with mobiles.

  spuds 16:19 17 Sep 2015

"This morning when I switched it on the screen lit up brightly and stayed on but nothing on it."

You haven't dropped or treated it slightly rough by any chance.

  bumpkin 16:25 17 Sep 2015

thanks Govanx, I am not bothered about the warranty side of things as I can't remember the exact date or even where I bought it from. They are not expensive anyway, about £50. I particularly like that model and would like to replace it but the 3G issue is what I need to clarify.

  bumpkin 16:38 17 Sep 2015

Spuds, I don't think it has been physically damaged. My daughter complained that I never answered it and went through the settings to see if the ringer was muted then the screen just went white.

  rdave13 16:43 17 Sep 2015

It looks as it can handle 2G for internet, 2G means second-generation wireless digital technology. Not very good compared to 3G. 4G even better. Only important if you want to connect to the internet.

There's a second generation of the TTfone TT700 Venus if you check out Amazon. Most complaints about the original one is that the build is poor and they don't last.

  bumpkin 16:51 17 Sep 2015

Thanks rdave, I can only use it for calls and texts anyway so am I right in thinking it will be OK for that.

I have also looked at the newer version and may go for that having read a few bad reviews relating as you said to build quality.

  rdave13 16:59 17 Sep 2015

Yes, it will be ok for calls and texts.

  bumpkin 17:01 17 Sep 2015

Excuse my ignorance on this but I am no fan of mobile phones other than for emergency or convenience at times. If I but a new one where is the number stored, on the sim or the phone or both. Whilst that may sound an odd question I am awaiting a new sim card from TalkTalk who say I can keep my existing number as long as it is on the phone.

  rdave13 17:12 17 Sep 2015

Ok, now this is the blind leading the blind. That's a good start eh? Pay monthly sim , phone number on sim. If you don't get the number off TT (unusual but it does happen) simply phone your BT house number from the mobile but don't answer it. On the BT phone dial 1471 and you get your mobile number. I'm blushing here as I lost the info when I started with T-Mobile. As the phone will be 'unlocked' then details will be on the sim card and not the phone.

  spuds 17:15 17 Sep 2015

Not sure if this might be of any help, but try removing the battery, wait a short time, then re-insert the fully charged battery. See if the mobile resets itself, and requests that you validate the day or time or anything else. I can do that with my mobile, when it begins to play up.

I always thought that the number was stored, so that you could change the sim and still retain the number, providing you are on the same network. But I could be wrong, even though I seem to recall that I have done this in the past, when swapping a mobile payg phone.

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