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  speedbird_zero1 12:49 08 Mar 2006

I have a problem with my PC just stopping, without warning, it has been like this for about 3 weeks, it crashes out. There is no reason why it does this at any particular time. it happens totally randomly. I have put in new ram and a new graphics card, but it still does it. What i want to do now is runn something that is CPU and RAM intensive. i want to run the components to within an inch of their lives. Any ideas on what to do? BTW i have run Simmtester and all kinds of diagnostics but not found the problem. If there is any thing in common with all the crashes it is mostly but not always when i use messenger or skype with video (hence the new graphics card. I am running XP with AND athlon 2600 1.5gb ram.

  Devil Fish 13:11 08 Mar 2006

crashes stop errors can be caused by many things it may be worth checking a few things if you have'nt already done so

have you installed any new programs or hardware prior to the error ?

do you get any error messages ?

have you performed full system antivirus and spyware/adware scans

if you wish to carry on with stress/load testing you will need to grab something along the lines of sisoft sandra which has a burn in wizard click here=

bare in mind though if it does find any weakness it could break the component

  speedbird_zero1 13:29 08 Mar 2006

Nothing new added before the crashes...loads since.
Various error messages, saying check video adaptor...i put in a new one. The most common one being "disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing" Don't seem to have that facility on my MB.(mine is an Asrock K7S8X)
My syatem is checked every night with AVG, i also have run Spybot and adaware and also run anti virus Bitdeffender

  Devil Fish 13:38 08 Mar 2006

you have 2 antivirus suites that in its self can create conflicts try removing either avg or bitdefender

  speedbird_zero1 21:50 08 Mar 2006

Sorry didin't make myself clear but Bit defender is only a very occassional on-line scan. AVG is my regular antivirus. Further more this afternoon the PC crashed whilst doing nothing.Any more ideas welcome.Thank-You

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