Advice on how to change cmos batery

  lucky1 19:14 31 Aug 2010

Hello all. Am of limited 'inside the computer' knowledge. Can I safely replace the cmos battery without killing myself. Machine is a Compaq Presario which is getting a bit ancient now. Many thanks.

  birdface 19:17 31 Aug 2010
  lucky1 19:28 31 Aug 2010

Thank you buteman for your speedy and very helpful reply. Could you advise on 'anti static precautions' please.

  birdface 19:42 31 Aug 2010

Basically i just hold any metal part of the computer and then touch the radiator to get rid of any static.
probably not the way it should be done but it is the way that i do it.
maybe wait and see what others do.

  johndrew 19:47 31 Aug 2010

Make certain the PC is switched off at the mains and has not been powered up for at least 10 minutes to allow all capacitors to discharge fully.

Provided you earth yourself to the PC chassis - touch a part of the metal that retains the drives for example - prior to touching the motherboard you should have no trouble click here.

However if you want to go the whole hog click here.

  lucky1 19:55 31 Aug 2010

Thank you both for your help and advice. Am going to give it a go once I buy a battery. If you hear yells coming from Bo'ness in Scotland you'll know things have not gone so well. Regards.

  BT 08:26 01 Sep 2010

Does this really work? I would think the paint on the radiator would act as an insulator. Maybe if you touched a bare metal part, say an unpainted bit of the valve perhaps.

Myself I switch off at the wall, but leave the plug in so that the earth connection is still active, then as johndrew says I earth myself to the PC chassis

  gazzaho 16:08 03 Sep 2010

To clear yourself of static through touching the framework of the computer the power should be switched off as suggested, but you also need to have the power cord plugged into the power outlet to act as the earth. I myself touch one of the screws that retains the expansion cards as the chassis itself may be insulated by paint.

Another thing to remember is that once you remove the battery all settings will be reset in the BIOS. It might be a good idea to record the BIOS settings before starting, you may need to re-enter some settings in order to get your machine working correctly after replacing the battery. I took a picture of each screen of the BIOS with the camera on my phone, easier than writing all the settings down.

  onthelimit 09:08 04 Sep 2010

During my computer course, I was told that earthing the PC is not required - as long as you touch the metalwork (or use a wrist strap) you and the PC will be at the same potential and therefore no discharge can occur.

  birdface 10:06 04 Sep 2010

So far I have not heard any yells coming from Bo'ness in Scotland.
I suppose you forgot to turn the power off.

BT. I did say.! hold any metal part of the computer and then touch the radiator to get rid of any static.
[probably not the way it should be done but it is the way that i do it.]

lucky1. I have been told by others to use a mobile phone to take pictures when checking the BIOS set up.

I have never tried it but it did sound like a good idea.

  onthelimit 10:28 04 Sep 2010

I've got into the habit of taking several pics before dismantling confusers - helps with the wiring routing etc on reassembly.

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