Advice on hosting & domain ownership please

  AB's 13:44 10 Jan 2007

I and some friends have in the last year started a charity to help support and enable people with alcohol and substance misuse problems into recovery, i have built a web site using MS Publisher which is finished, what i want to know is... Is publisher really suitable for this? [it just seemed Tooo easy]
where is the best place to host the site?
what are the problems with the ownership of the site name?
is the site name the domain name?

I have dreamweaver and start a college course to learn howuse it in feb, would dreamweaver be better? it is a very basic site of only 5 pages with an email link and mostly information pages

  Z1100 14:22 10 Jan 2007

that MS Publisher was good enough for the web site I built for my Business. After a while I heard so many others saying it was not good enough. I did not listen too much at first. Then I got WebPlus 7 for free and tried it...

After I tried that I went and bought webPlus 10. That was a good decision. It is easy to work with, offers more customisation, more support for browsers. (My site would not display in Firefox until I re-built it with WebPlus 10.)

I can see all my page hits by page title, I can position text, pictures etc with pixel accuracy due to some clever red lines....

So, whatever you use don't use that. There are free ones available and others will post a link, I am glad I listened.


  mco 20:07 10 Jan 2007

Serifwebplus is like publisher so you'd pick it up easily and could easily transfer your site over. You can get serifwebplus 6, a very old version, for free from their site but version 8 is often given away in pc mags. Of course you could do your site in DW but it's not initially as easy to use and if you wanted to get started sooner, go for serifweb. (Or, if you find it free, netobjectsfusion - very good) As for domain hosting - choose a company that will set up the domain for you as part of their deal. I use click here and click here are also good. I don't know what you mean by problems with ownership of the site name...?

  Forum Editor 21:00 12 Jan 2007

1. There are lots of good hosting companies. I use click here and I'm very impressed, but no doubt other people will have their own suggestions.

2. There are no particular problems, you may call your site whatever you like (provided it's legal, and doesn't conflict with someone else's regostered business name). Your domain name is a different matter - you must register that (your host will do it for you), and of course you'll have to find a unique name - one that hasn't already been registered by someone else.

3. No, not necessarily. You can call your site one thing, and have a different domain name, but it's usual to have both names the same.

  AB's 13:54 23 Jan 2007

Thanx for your advice guys, if i have any prob's im sure il be back to you.

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