Advice on hard drives please

  topdraw 22:43 21 Feb 2003

I am constantly at loggerheads with my wife and son, we all use the computer and end up blaming each other when things go wrong.

I would like to have three seperate hard drives in our own caddies, would I have to get the exact same drives and have it set in the BIOS or can I have different hard drives and set BIOS to auto detect. What are the best caddies, would each OP have to be the same etc, etc.

Thanks in advance.

  Lozzy 22:47 21 Feb 2003

No you don't require same HDD but you would need to carefull on how you set everything up as the OS will go on the C drive and each person would access via that.

  topdraw 23:00 21 Feb 2003

Thanks Lozzy, you mean if I use for e.g. 98se on each hard drive but with the same configuration, that should be OK. Each hard drive would be used as C drive (I have a 20gig D drive for backups).

  Migwell 01:04 22 Feb 2003

Yes it works fine. I have seen it done, just set the BIOS for that position to auto and sit back. It worked like this.

Removable Drive 1: with Win 98 on it and
Removable Drive 2: with Win XP on it because the owner liked Win XP in prefferance to Win 98 but needed Win 98 for his digital camera to work as it was not designed for Win XP. He just switches off his computer, pulls out Removable Drive 1: then puts in Removable Drive 2: and then re boots the computer. You can keep yours locked away for safety, so no one can mess with it and you have no worries. You can also have as many drives as you like! one for each and every one you know if you like.

  topdraw 11:44 22 Feb 2003

Thanks Migwell, its nice to know I can even use different OS's. I can just imagine peace in my home right now.

  tran1 11:50 22 Feb 2003

A cheaper option could be to buy one big Hard drive say 120Gb and partition it up into 3 40Gb partitions. Then you can use your old hard drive as a backup drive for programs, documents backups etc.

Partition magic 8.0 is a popular program.

  topdraw 08:32 23 Feb 2003

Thanks all, now to decide which route to take and clear the spending with the wife.

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