Advice on fitting a second Hard Drive plz!!

  Fiery251 20:17 03 Feb 2003

My current system is as follows

AMD Athlon 1700XP.
MSI K7T Turbo 2 mobo+Thermaltake Volcano Seven Cooler.
384Mb PC 133 SDRAM.
GeForce 3 Ti500.
Soundblaster Live! 4670 Soundcard.
Maxtor D740X 40 Gb 7200rpm Hard Drive.
Memorex DVD-Maxx DVD drive.
Phillips CDRW drive.

I'd like advice on adding a second Hard Drive, from a previous system.
Its not that large, 4.3Gb, but I would like to make use of it as a means of backing up data.

At present, I have my 40Gb drive set to Primary master, and on the same channel my DVD Drive set as Primary slave.
On the Secondary channel, I have my CDRW drive there, set as master.
The reason being, is that I was told for copying CD's, especially "on the fly", its important to have the DVD drive and the CDRW drive on seperate channels.

I'd like to keep it that way, and add this second Hard drive.

Can I just plug it into the spare IDE cable connector?.

What would jumper settings would I set the CDRW and the small 4.3Gb used drive to?.

Would I need to alter any of the other jumper settings on the other channel withmy DVD drive,and my 40Gb HD with Windows 98SE on it?.

The used 4.3Gb Hard drive, has Windows 98 on it. Can I just reformat through my current Windows OS after I've booted up, to wipe the data and create space for backing up to?.

At the moment, I'm happy to use it for backup, if and when I get it installed, but in future, I may consider trying to install Windows XP Pro on the smaller one, as I have both OS's, but reverted back to 98SE after I had problems with compatibility.
Whats involved in installing XP onto the second drive?.

Sorry for such a long post, and so many questions, but I wanted to make clear what I am trying to achieve!!!.

Thank you in advance.

  DieSse 20:34 03 Feb 2003

Yes, you can just plug it onto the spare secondary IDE connector - just set the jumper to Slave (as your CD-RW is set to Master).

When installed, it should be recognised automatically - then just format it in Windows.

I wouldn't try to put XP Pro onto such a small drive, except as an academic exercise.

  Switcher 21:05 03 Feb 2003

You do not need to have your CDRW set to master.

Set the 4.3 to master on the secondary channel with the CDRW set to slave.

You can then have an operating sys on the 4.3 you can determine which disk boots by setting boot order in the BIOS

  Fiery251 22:50 03 Feb 2003

Thanx for the responses so far,lads.

So I can have it as either Master or Slave.

The only advantage of it being set to Master, is that I can, if I want to later, install another OS on it?.

I might, when the time comes, decide to put XP onto the 40Gb one, and 98SE on the 4.3Gb one.
Makes a bit more sense I suppose!!!.

  cream. 23:09 03 Feb 2003

Although this is for a new "slave" hard drive. Principals are the same.

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