Advice from a Electrician please,surge protectors

  iqs 20:10 13 Feb 2009


I know how important a Surge Protector is,and why its required to protect against surges and spikes.

My current surge protector is an 8 gang,running seven devices and is connected directly into the wall socket.

I need to plug the protector into a 3-way adapter,each of the 3-way sockets has a power switch.

Will the protector still operative correctly,and is this a safe method please.


  Technotiger 20:18 13 Feb 2009

I am not technically an electrician, but in my experience, of which I have quite a lot ...

It is better to have the Surge Protector plugged directly into the wall socket. The 3-way adapter should be plugged into one of the 8xgang sockets. As long as not all the items connected are in use at the same time, this would be safe. If all the items were in use at the same time, you might get over-load, especially if the mains wiring is very old.

  iqs 20:24 13 Feb 2009

Hi Technotiger,

OK if the way I want to connect the protector is not recommended,can I buy a standard 1x gang extension lead, to just extend the original lead so it will reach another wall socket.

Will the surge circuitry still operative.

Thanks for helping

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 13 Feb 2009

"Can I plugg into an extension lead or adaptor"

Yes as long as everything plugged into that particular wall socket does NOT exceed 13A

"Will the surge circuitry still operative?"

Only on devices plugged into the 8 gang surge protector.

  Spark6 20:41 13 Feb 2009

I gather from your post that your surge protector is built into an 8 gang extension lead supplied by a 13amp plug with a maximum size fuse of 13 amps. This is probably the most common/popular setup.

The 3 way switched adaptor is a dangerous way to go unless it also is protected by a maximum sized fuse rated at 13 amps. Any 2 gang, or three gang, socket outlet connected to a standard ring main should not be loaded above an absolute maximum of 32 amps. This assumes that there is no other load on that circuit. HTH

  rdave13 21:00 13 Feb 2009

An UPS might help as a first line of defense; click here . What you do afterwards will be your responsibility.
Good luck with your worries.

  iqs 21:20 13 Feb 2009

Thank you all for your advice,nothing is ever that straight forward.

Hopefully from your comments I will find a solution,once again thank you for the detailed replies.


  iqs 21:31 13 Feb 2009

Forgot to ask,is there a web site where you can work out the combined amperage used on a extension lead please.

  Switcher 21:52 13 Feb 2009

I would not recommend the use of a Three way adaptor under any circumstances.

  iqs 23:14 13 Feb 2009

thanks Switcher

  Spark6 23:21 13 Feb 2009

To calculate the *combined amperages* please post the details of the proposed appliances you intend to connect.

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