Advice on DVD Writer software please

My PC has just had a new hard drive and a new DVD writer (one week before the warranty runs out phew!)
My previous DVd burning software was Pinnacle and I didn't like it. I want software basically to burn pics and documents to cd and dvd for back up purposes. At the moment I don't want to create movies and if that changes I'll look at the situation again.
On Ebay there are a lot of very inexpensive light packages for Nero (I'm presuming they are the OEM packages you get with a new drive). Can anybody recommend some software that is simple to use and what level mI need (I also had Easy CD creator before which was very simple and I'd be happy to have that again). any advice is much appreciated, thanks!

  Mike D 12:08 19 Mar 2007

I use this one click here

I have used Nero and Roxio and still keep returning to CDBurnerXP. It works when the others refuse to and it's easy to use and best of all its free!


  Mike D 12:09 19 Mar 2007

Forgot to add that I, too, changed to a DVD rewriter and CDBurner XP just took it in its stride.


  Belatucadrus 12:17 19 Mar 2007
  Totally-braindead 12:47 19 Mar 2007

I used to use, years ago, easy cd creator as well as nero. Now I just use nero. I found it easier to use than anything else and am happy with it.
I'm sure there are many better programs out there but nero has never caused me any problems in the time I have been using it and I am happy with it.

There was a lot of bother with Nero 7 and issues with the software so I'm still using Nero 6 - latest version. The issues with Nero 7 are surely sorted now with patches but because Nero 6 does all I ask of it I see no need to upgrade. Something to perhaps bear in mind.

  billyliv 13:00 19 Mar 2007

A good one I came across is 'Burn4free'. It is freeware but you can give a donation if you wish. It does everything that I need. Cheers, Bill

Thanks very much I shall look at the options above and make a decision later on.

  pj123 14:12 19 Mar 2007

As Totally-braindead I also use Nero

I also tried Nero 7 and found many problems so went back to Nero 6. It does what I want so that's where I'll stay.

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