Advice on downloading from old comp to new comp

  ray27 08:39 24 Jan 2007

My Grandson has been given a new computer for his birthday and what he would like to know is if there is a way to download "his stuff" from his old computer onto his new one.

His old computer's operating system is Win 98 and does not have a CD re-writer so he cant back them up and transfer them that way.
Can anyone recommend a way to achieve this without any danger of making the warranty void?

I don’t know if there is a programme that enables you to connect the two Computers together via USB , his old one does have a USB1 port, so we would appreciate any advice on how to do this
Many thanks for any advice

  Diodorus Siculus 08:46 24 Jan 2007

A USB thumb drive would do the trick - costs about a tenner online for one.

An alternative which shouldn't void a warranty (but check first) would be to take the drive out of the old one and put it in the new one as a slave drive and copy data from there.

  €dstowe 08:51 24 Jan 2007

Check out the Files and Setting Transfer Wizard in the Help & Support of the new machine.

  Batch 08:57 24 Jan 2007

If the old computer has a network port (the new one almost certainly will), you could use a 'crossover' network cable between the two. However this would mean setting up a network on both PCs and this might not be worth the effort especially with Win98 and also if the amount of data is not that large.

If you don't won't to open up the new PC case, you can get an adapter that will enable you to plug the old hard drive into a USB port on the new pc (see click here for example). You'd need to be careful handling the old hard drive (i.e. not touch any of its electronic components or of the old PC whilst removing the drive).

When all's said and done, a USB flash drive is probably simplest. See click here for example.

  ray27 18:22 24 Jan 2007

Ithink the USB flash drive is the best option
Many thanks for all the advice I will pass it on to the grandson

  pj123 18:30 24 Jan 2007

Or get one of these, which is what I use.

click here

The second one down is the one I have. You can connect any type of hard drive to it and also any optical drive.

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