Advice on CPU terms please

  iqs 09:09 05 Mar 2009


After my thread I posted yesterday regarding my CPU,I think maybe some education is required please.

Can you please explain what the following means...

Core Speed 1596.1 MHz
Multiplier X6.0
Bus Speed 266.0 MHz
Rated FSB 1064.0 MHz

I'm aware of the Bus Speed/Multiplier etc etc

I have a basic understanding of CPU technology,but some clarification would be appreciated.


  iqs 09:37 05 Mar 2009


Right from the replys to my thread yesterday,and going through my college notes,

I understand the Bus Speed x multiplier = CPU speed 266 x 9= 2.4 GHz

Rated FSB 266 x quad pumped = 1064

But Core Speed,is related to the system crystal?.

  bremner 09:44 05 Mar 2009

You have misinterpretted your own figures.

The Core Speed is the CPU Speed which is derived from FSB x Multiplier.

In your first post you gave the FSB as 266Mhz and the Multiplier as 6.

266 x 6 = 1596 i.e. your quoted Core Speed.

  iqs 09:56 05 Mar 2009

Thanks bremner,

Makes sense,i forgot that the multiplier is running at x6 instead of x9 because its no under load,cheers

  iqs 09:57 05 Mar 2009

should read not under load

  cream. 13:36 05 Mar 2009

Thats just what I said last night


The reason you are getting those settings

Core Speed 1596.1 MHz
Multiplier X6.0
Bus Speed 266.0 MHz
Rated FSB 1064.0 MHz

is because the cores are not under load. When it is asked to do intensive work the motherboard increases the multiplier to max. This keeps power and heat down when the computer is just ticking over."

  iqs 14:23 05 Mar 2009

Hi cream,

After posting this thread and receiving a reply,I realised that you did supply the relevant info,it took a while for all the numbers to come together.
Thanks again for helping

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