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  domtheboy 07:53 10 Aug 2004

Morning peeps

I've noticed recently that my CPU seems to be running at quite a high temperature (currently 56 degrees celsius), which leads me to believe that my CPU fan might be on the way out.

I'm looking for a replacement at the moment. I'm running an XP 2000+ CPU, can anyone recommend a good fan that I might want to consider ? Having said that, if anyone can recommend general cooling products they've bought I'd be grateful.

Cheers all


  Devil Monkey 08:10 13 Aug 2004

click here for a look.

  sattman 09:46 13 Aug 2004

I would not think 56 deg was excessive, my cpu fan temp is 60 deg normally, has it suddenly started to run hotter.

The warmer conditions with higher ambient temperatures have increased computer running temperatures.

It might benifit from a general clean including air vents and especially the power supply fan. Care needed for this task (see other threads)

Also check location for air flow

  scooby43 09:54 13 Aug 2004

do you use case fans aswell or just have a cpu fan. Fans for AMDs you can get one fairly cheap that will do the job. 56'c is still ok at temperature wise. If your worried have a look at the cpu fans as they tell you what they support.

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