Advice on CD-R's

  Daveson 00:31 28 Nov 2005

Hi, i am looking for good CD-R's for DATA backup and MP3 music. Can someone point me in the right direction with a link. Cheers.

  Sharpamatt 06:55 28 Nov 2005

you can purchase these almost everywhere now, even supermarkets, I always use Rewritable for tasks such as you list,as that method allows updating

  Mark5001 07:25 28 Nov 2005
  hzhzhz 07:39 28 Nov 2005
  €dstowe 07:48 28 Nov 2005

I can't agree with the suggestion to use re-writable disks for anything that is valuable (like a backup). They are very prone to losing the stored data, especially if you use packet writing software as well.

In fact, I wouldn't put a backup on any optical disk at all. Even slight mishandling can render them unreadable.

  Stuartli 10:37 28 Nov 2005

I'm with €dstowe on this - CD-RW disks, compared to CD-Rs have low reflectivity levels and are often unable to be read by some drives.

Furthermore, if you use a quality CD-R such as the Imation packs from Morrisons in multisession mode you can keep adding to the disk until it is full, including updated versions of files.

Prevents useless waste of disk space even though CD-Rs are remarkably cheap these days.

  Stuartli 10:39 28 Nov 2005

I always backup to at least two CD-Rs (in multisession mode) in case of any accidents etc.

  PaulB2005 10:44 28 Nov 2005

I always recommend CD-R over CD-RW too.

I've managed to get a few small / home companies to regularly backup to CD-R every week pointing out that 50 Sony CD-Rs (approx years worth) can be bought in your local supermarket for £20. Sometimes even cheaper.

I get them to set up a "Rolling Backup".

Week 1: Backup everything to CD-R - Label "1" and Date
Week 2: Backup everything to CD-R - Label "2" and Date
Week 3: Backup everything to CD-R - Label "3" and Date
Week 4: Backup everything to CD-R - Label "4" and Date - Destroy CD "1"
Week 5: Backup everything to CD-R - Label "5" and Date - Destroy CD "2"

This way you keep the last 3 weekly backups. You can obviously change this to 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, all backups ever made, if you wish.

The advantage is if one disk fails to read back properly then you only loose 1 weeks work.

  Batch 11:42 28 Nov 2005

Plextor discs are made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden who helped develop the CD with Philips. They are recognised as one the absolute best manufacturers in the world and I understand that they are the only ones who still make their discs in Japan (not sure whether that really matters these days).

Ebuyer (click here) have a cake spindle of 50 for £10.

That said, some optical drives seem to take exception to certain makes regardless.

  Daveson 13:23 28 Nov 2005

Thanks all, especially Batch, i have just ordered a 50 pack.

Ta muchley.

  Stuartli 13:37 28 Nov 2005

The Imation disks are also rebranded Taiyo Muden media, along with Philips, Sony, Boeder, 3M and Taiyo Muden itself..:-)

It is generally acknowledged as one of the best media manufacturers in the world.

I've posted this link many times but here it is again:

click here

Are you sure that you are not confusing Sony with regard to the Compact Disk?

When Philips realised in the late 1970s that the 12in LaserVision disks (which delivered first class pictures and sound and many of which were manufactured in Blackburn) offered a possible solution to the Compact Tape it had conceived, it eventually approached Sony for assistance in developing the Compact Disk.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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