Advice on buying a new desktop gaming PC.

  minusthebear 23:47 10 Mar 2008

Hello all. I have never used a forum like this before so I hope this is in the right section.

I've been looking to purchase a new desktop PC that is reliable and quiet but can play some (fairly) recent top end games. For example, I would love to finally play STALKER with some good graphics after a while of playing it on my Radeon X800 GT with terrible fps rates. Also, COD4, Crysis, NWN2 and so on.

I've been searching for PCs online (only require the tower because I've got a pretty nice monitor) and have been tempted to just give up trying to learn how to make my own one after failing to upgrade my PC properly in the past (overheating/crashing issues). However, I'm certain that there is a way I can get better specs for a cheaper price from somewhere other than Dell or whatever. I'm prepared to spend up to £600 but would prefer it to be a little cheaper.

Problem is, I would hate my PC to become outdated in the next couple of months or something, and whilst the gfx card the Dell offers for the Inspiron 531 (256MB ATI® Radeon™ HD 2600 XT) would suffice, reviews seem to suggest that there is a whole lot better I could get for probably the same price.

Could someone please recommend either:
- a brand of desktop I could purchase that would be great for this setup?
- a website that will create a PC for me with reasonable specs?

Thanks in advance!

  crosstrainer 01:35 11 Mar 2008

What is the present mobo in the old machine?

worth asking first to see if an uprade might be possible.

  minusthebear 01:52 11 Mar 2008

Thanks for the quick reply.

Currently my system (an Advent) is

3.40 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
2048 Megabytes Installed Memory
RADEON X800GT [Display adapter]
C-Media High Definition Audio Device

(I got this stuff from Belarc, as I had no idea what my mobo make was...)

At one point I was considering upgrading again but since then my system has had quite a few annoying issues like a broken fan, multiple BSOD crashes and overheating problems. A new fan appeared to solve the issue for a while but just yesterday I had to run the recovery console to get rid of an 'unmountable boot volume' problem.

So I think I'd like to just scrap it (except maybe the RAM if I get a new setup with the same sort) and get a new one (I think I deserve it after the trouble this one has got me)

  mrwoowoo 17:42 11 Mar 2008

A good company and a great pc for the price.
Would mean you having to sell your ram on e-bay though.
Also need to choose an o.s .

  mrwoowoo 17:42 11 Mar 2008

Forgot the link.
click here

  minusthebear 18:20 11 Mar 2008

Hey mrwoowoo, thanks for the reply.

I'm planning on getting Vista Home Premium, is this the right move?

Will the 2GB DDR2 667MHz Ram be sufficient, or is it worth getting more, like 4GB or whatever? This PC has 2 x DDR2 Slots apparently, so could I at one point upgrade this if need be?

Also, on the (1) review, someone mentioned their 'only criticism would be the fan noise'. My current PC has been loud and rattly for ages and it's really annoying, so I was looking for something guaranteed quiet.


  Totally-braindead 19:48 11 Mar 2008

If the fan noise is the only criticism then you replace the fans with quieter ones its not differcult. And yes 2 gig would be sufficient.

  minusthebear 20:21 11 Mar 2008

Cheers, some sound advice.

If I needed a new fan, could you recommend one? Would I require anything else? For instance, a new power supply? Sorry, totally daft questions...

Also been told about Cougar PCs today. Would knocking one of these together be a better idea as I've read the PSUs in the Novatech tend to be noisy?

Your help is much appreciated, thanks!

  minusthebear 14:32 12 Mar 2008

Thanks for the help guys, I'm going with the Isys Elite Pro mrwoowoo suggested.


  Totally-braindead 16:52 12 Mar 2008

Wait till you get it. You might not think its noisy at all. Theres no point creating work for yourself. IF you do have to replace fans then have a look here as they tell you about noise levels click here if its the power supply then that too can be replaced if needed with a branded one.

Again wait and see. My PC is on the floor under my desk and its not too loud to me. Now if I had it sitting right next to me IE on the top of the desk next to the monitor I might feel it was noisy.

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