Advice on buying a Laptop over Desktop

  InquisitorNik 21:28 29 Jan 2003

i am a student, and am planning on going to college. My family need this computer, and I am planning on buying a good pc. i would preferably like a laptop, with around 30GB HD, Win XP, DVD/RW, FDD (internal), USB ports, good graphics card, and a modem. does anyone know any CHEAP laptops??? as i have a restricted budget of £900.

  mattbell1975 21:34 29 Jan 2003

u can try dell they do a starter package which u can decide what u add on or just search the web a lot of money can be saved for looking for an hour or two................

  mikeyb59 21:45 29 Jan 2003

When buying a laptop go for the most expensive you can afford.

They are very useful (I have a Dell) but are VERY expensive to upgrade compared to desktop PC's.

Work out what you want it to do now - rather than later - or it will cost you.

  wee eddie 21:51 29 Jan 2003

Forget - DVD/RW - good graphics card - games. If you want a laptop that will survive your first term, go for the cheapest you can get then no one will nick it. Small screen, no HD to speak of, CD only, slow Celeron etc. Just good enough to do your college work.

Meanwhile get yourself something fancy at home and network the crap-laptop to it when you get back to base.

  Djohn 21:59 29 Jan 2003

Good advice from wee eddie, and keep it chained to your wrist as well!

  Belatucadrus 23:06 29 Jan 2003

Much as I hate to push them, PCWorld have some pretty good laptops in their sale, well within your budget, and Staples are always worth a look.
Do invest in some security products, wee eddie & Djohn are correct. Laptops vanish with depressing ease if you aren't carefull. Another hint is don't carry it around in an obvious laptop case, it just advertises what you've got.

  jazzypop 23:15 29 Jan 2003

click here for fairly cheap big-name laptops (and PCs).

They have put a very silly sign-up page in front of their actual website - just press Alt-F4 to get rid of it.

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