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  wesparmalee 11:43 28 Sep 2006

I've recently installed a dvd rewritable drive, and was wondering what is the best type of blank media to use.Is there a great deal of difference in terms of picture quality between the cheaper blanks and the more expensive brands.I know there is less of a chance of errors with the more expensive brands, but is actual picture quality greatly noticeable as well?Please advice, thanks.

  dazwm 13:41 28 Sep 2006
  Phphred 13:48 28 Sep 2006
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  Jonathan314159 16:45 28 Sep 2006

My experience is over a number of years is that the failure rate on burning is not a problem. The bigger problem, and almost by definition the harder one to judge in advance, is the failure rate over time. Partly this is down to how you store the disc. But they seem much more fragile and prine to scratches than a proper DVD film disc.

A good guide is here

click here

So long as the disc burns ok and does corrupt over time, I don't think you would see any difference in picture quality - its binary, either you've got it or you haven't.

One other thing, never stick a label onto the disc, it will destroy it after a while.

  Graham. 16:52 28 Sep 2006

Proof read required :-)

  Jonathan314159 17:05 28 Sep 2006

I always proof read, its just that the words mysteriously change after I post the response!

  Graham. 17:09 28 Sep 2006

'does corrupt over time'

  wesparmalee 17:26 28 Sep 2006

Thanks for all of this advice.It seems to involve a lot of luck as well as careful burning etc.Thanks again.

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