Advice on building a new computer

  elsmandino 01:12 19 Jul 2009

Hello everyone,

I am proposing to build the following PC:

Antec P-182
2 X 2GB Corsair PC6400 RAM
HDD X for
1TB Samsung Spinpoint OR 640GB Western Digital Caviar Black (For OS and Programmes)
1TB Samsung Spinpoint (For important Documents and Media)
Corsair TX 750W
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 - Vapour X
Pioneer DVR-215

By way of background, I shall be buying Windows 7 64-bit, when it comes out and then maxing the Ram.
I am not a big gamer and am unlikely to upgrade the graphics card and will certainly not be adding a second card - the only likely future upgrades would be a couple more hard drives, perhaps more fans (if needed), a TV Tuner Card/TV Capture Card and a dedicated sound card. I might upgrade to a Quadcore in the next few years - my current computer is an AMD XP 2500, so you can see I leave quite a while between upgrades. I am also certain I would like to take the Intel rather than AMD route.

Other than the usual, I use my comp for basic video editing and music recording with Cubase and the like.

Have spent quite a while coming up with the above specs and would be really grateful for your comments before I take the plunge - anything that I should change, recommended alternatives or additions etc.

The only thing that I have noted that is that perhaps the 750W is perhaps overkill, even including head room for upgrades. I

know that having a much more powerful PSU than requested is not bad, but is a waste of cash if a weaker PSU would do. PSUs are something I know little about and am not entirely sure.

Another thing is the hard drive I should use for my system files. The Caviar is slightly faster than the spinpoint, but the spinpoint is a whole 320GB extra for little extra cost - what would you choose?

Would also be grateful for any estimates on how much you think this would cost to put together - is it better to buy separately or get it pre-built by a company (I have read online that getting it done this way can be pretty competitive).

Many thanks


  OTT_Buzzard 02:24 19 Jul 2009

Looks like a nice spec PC. Here's a couple of notes;

The mobo you've chosen supports DDR2-1066MHz, so you might as well use it. It's only a minor cost increase (for 4gig reckon on another £5 or so).

750W for the PSU isn't overkill. It's about right if you want it to last. Make sure it's a branded, 80+ certified unit (which i think the corsair you've mentioned is)

If you do audio recording think about getting a dedicated sound card.

For the CPU.....I would go quad core now. A q8200 costs around the same and while some of your software may run a little slower compared to E8400, a lot will be quicker now and most of the rest in a couple of years time.

The spinpoint 1TB drives are good reliable units. As you say, the cost per pound is very good. Might as well go with it! The only thing i'd say is that for an operatng system and programmes drive you're unlikely to need much more than a 500GB drive - and that includes the 50% rule (i.e. for best performance don't allow your drive to exceed 50% capacity)

  GaT7 03:11 19 Jul 2009

Yes, I feel the 750W is overkill. Especially if you're not going to add another graphics card in the future - this is about the only thing that may need something more powerful.

Instead, I'd get a lower-powered 500-600W modular PSU. Fewer/no cables to tidy, or try to streamline to improve air flow.

I'd agree with eveything else OTT_B says.

Btw, the Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 Vapour-X is only £80-81 @ Novatech atm click here.

And you can pre-order Win7 for £50 (or less) from a number of places click here. Offer lasts until 9/08/09, but Microsoft Store have already raised their prices click here. G

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