Advice on best printer

  TickBox 17:36 30 Aug 2008

I already have an Epson RX620 which is fine for photos and colour images, but I'm in need of a reliable printer (just a printer)that will produce good quality text for documents. At the moment I'm undecided whether it is best to opt for a mono printer or a colour printer. Either would be acceptable so long as printing is reasonably quick (not necessarily lightening speed) and the process is relatively quiet. Finally, it would be helpful to have views on laser versus inkjet. My budget is around £150 to £200 and I run XP. Thanks in anticipation.

  Woolwell 15:21 31 Aug 2008

I currently use a monochrome laser for text and inkjet for any colour work. Generally speaking I have found that the text on a laser is better than on an inkjet and the running costs are much lower.
I am not sure that any printers are relatively quiet.

You will find plenty of monochrome laser printer recommendations in the forums.

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