advice on acronis true image

  bendigo 15:47 02 Nov 2008

when using Acronis true image, if one takes an image of the disc, does it require the same space as my hard disc?

  Technotiger 16:09 02 Nov 2008

No, it reduces the size automatically, but only smaller by a few Gb's.

  Technotiger 16:10 02 Nov 2008

If saving an image, it is best saved on a different Hard drive, usually a USB external drive.

  rawprawn 16:31 02 Nov 2008

You can use Acronis Secure Zone, but as Technotiger says the safest way is to save it to an external HDD.
I use both (Belt & Braces);)

  DieSse 17:10 02 Nov 2008

You get an option of how much you want to compress the image by.

How large the backup is depends quite a lot on what type of data you've got. Some compresses a lot - some hardly at all.

Mine, for example, compresses to about two-thirds the original size.

And I agree with above, that an image to an external hard drive is the best all round. Safer and faster than CDs or DVDs - and much safer than an internal drive.

  Batch 17:32 02 Nov 2008

In a standard image True Image does not include the page file (pagefile.sys) or hibernate file (hiberfil.sys) as these would not contain any information relevant to a restore, so for an image of a system partition the image size is also further reduced.

Ignoring those two files, True Image (at default settings) compresses my system partition by over 40% - i.e 3.5GB in use, become 2GB in the image.

  Daiol 17:51 02 Nov 2008

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  bendigo 11:07 03 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone. I need to clarify. My ATI is version 9. My hd has C: 272gb of which 38gb used. D: 6.94 full (recovery}. My external hd has 111gb of which 93 is free. If necessary this could be cleared. I think I prefer to make an image sooner than back up. Have I the capacity?

  rawprawn 11:30 03 Nov 2008

Yes, anyway if at any time there is not enough room Acronis will tell you.

  DieSse 13:22 03 Nov 2008

The empty space is not imaged - so I would expect your image to be around 25 to 35 GB at normal compression.

  bendigo 15:40 20 Nov 2008

Just attempted to create a disc image, all went well till I clicked 'proceed' I then got an error message.
"E00640068 Failed to create scheduled task. error 1722 RPC server is unavailable" no explanation as to what the RPC server is or any advice as to what to do. Can anyone offer help?

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