Advice about SKYPE please.

  Bagsey 10:52 08 Mar 2005

I have been reading about Skype for make phone calls to friends overseas. Can anyone tell me about the advantages or otherwise of this system. Is it better that using MSN which I use at the moment for voice and video hook up.
The pros and cons from someone with experience would be very welcom

  wallbash 11:16 08 Mar 2005

I like skype, works well. My only advice is ditch the silly head sets recommended and settle for a 'proper' phone , connected by a handy USB port.

draw backs, ..... none!

  Bagsey 13:09 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for your comments and advice. Any more opinions out there.
Am I right that it is possible to use it to contact ordinary phones??

  rawprawn 13:39 08 Mar 2005

Posting so I can get back for more views, as I am interested.

  Rigga 14:24 08 Mar 2005

I work from home, and I use Skype exclusively to contact the head office, which also uses Skype!

I find the audio quality to be better than MSN Messenger, which is what we used to use. We still use MSN for IM but now use Skype for Audio.

Can't comment on the headphones / normal phone thing as I just use my normal speakers and microphone, which works well for me.

You can use Skype to dial normal phones using their Skype Out package. But I think it's only overseas calls where you save lots of money. Skype Out rates ? click here <

I have not used the Skype Out service so cannot comment, but I would definitely recommend Skype to Skype calls!


  havanajoe 14:33 08 Mar 2005

click here
for USB 'phone.
click here
if you want to use an ordinary 'phone.

  StuPC-2004 15:11 08 Mar 2005

I've been using Skype for over a year and haven't had any trouble with it. I even got my dad using it with no hitches whatsoever, so it MUST be easy to use. ;-)

Regarding using a USB telephone handset - that almost seems to miss the point. Using Skype with just a mic and speakers you have both hands free, wander about the place (a bit), send files to go with what you're saying, etc. Plus, other people nearby can join in the conversation too - my wife often shouts a "hello" at my parents when I'm chatting to them, and can hear them them say "hello" back, which is nice.

SkypeOut is a good idea and *usually* works well, but does occasionally fail or just give very very bad sound quality, such that I tend to be a little nervous of using it for anything but calls that it really saves money on, e.g. overseas.

  Bagsey 15:51 08 Mar 2005

Thanks to you all. I will give it a try. I might try that Skypeout as well. I will stick to mike and speakers for now.

  Furkin 16:04 08 Mar 2005

I'm only jumping in here as you'r talking about headsets etc.
I've only just gone on to B.Band and have tried 3 headsets so far. I tend to hear o.k,,, but people at the other end can't hear me too well. I have the 'mic' set-up as high as it will go,,, so I assume my headsets are garbage ??

I don't want to carry on buying sets that are no good, so any advice would be appreciated..
((I had toyed with the idea of using an old phone handset, with 'mic' & 'speaker' plugs on it ???))

  SEASHANTY 16:09 08 Mar 2005


  David4637 16:00 09 Mar 2005

Could I just ask, does Skype work well on dial up or do you really need BB? Thanks David

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