Advice on a 12V Dell laptop charger

  dougle00 21:39 02 Jun 2007

Hi, I have a Dell inspiron 6400 and was trying to get a charger which can plug into my motorhome 12V supply.

Only thing is, I have noticed that the mains charger has an output of 19.5V that would mean a step up.

Is it possible to get an adaptor for this purpose?


  Gongoozler 22:03 02 Jun 2007

There are various options here click here

  wjrt 15:14 03 Jun 2007

click here

use your laptop power supply with this and no problem with voltage settings also as it says you can run other small appliances . you can also get higher powered inverters as well

  Strawballs 16:16 03 Jun 2007

I bought mine from a local computer shop for my HP which is 19v it is made by a firm called Vanson and not only will it manage the correct voltge by it will also cope with the fact that my laptop needs 120w, it just plugs into the cigar lighter socket.

  woodchip 16:21 03 Jun 2007

I use a 300watt 240volt Inverter for mine. Cost me at the time about £15 from Macro Warehouse at the time. A 150watt will run a Laptop

  dougle00 18:25 03 Jun 2007

Thanks all, but doesn't an inverter murder the batteries?

  woodchip 19:03 03 Jun 2007

you can use with battery if you want but i leave mine out

  dougle00 19:26 03 Jun 2007

No sorry woodchip, I meant, doesn't the inverter kill the car battery? It is awfully heavy on the juice?

  Gongoozler 20:20 03 Jun 2007

Whatever you use to convert the 12V car battery power to laptop power, if you reckon on about 90% efficiency, divide the power used by the laptop by 12, and add the bit extra for the 10% wasted power, you will get the car battery current drain. This always comes out at a surprisingly high figure. Fortunately the laptop doesn't run at the peak power all the time, I would guess at an average of 50W - but that is just a guess - which equates to about 6Amps. If your car battery is 50 A-H, and it is fully charged it will have about 40 A-H (car alternators never charge the battery to the full rated level to avoid overcharging), and you don't let the battery discharge below 50% or you will have to push the car to start it, then you have about 15 A-H maximum to use for the laptop. Keep the usage without the engine running to less than 1 hour and you should be safe as long as the battery is fairly new.

  woodchip 20:26 03 Jun 2007

It will not kill Battery on car or Laptop if they are good condition, A laptop uses very little power. Unless you have it on for more than 2 hours it should be OK

  dougle00 20:27 03 Jun 2007

Thanks guys some great answers there.

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