Advice on 1000Euro PC config

  jakelad 11:11 26 Aug 2010


Would really appreciate some advice/comments from people who know about these things ;) on a custom pc config that I created on (French).

I want the machine to perform well in graphics intense games, but I'm not too fussy, so high-mid end performance is fine by me. Even more important is stability, durability, and some futureproofing.

Config is:

Case: Antec Three Hundred (EUR 57.99)
PSU: Cooler Master GX Power - 550W (EUR 61.89)
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 S-ATA - 500 Go - 16 Mo (EUR 41.49)
DVD-R: LG GH22NS50 - Bulk (EUR 19.99)
CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X4 945 (EUR 135.99)
Motherboaard: Asus M4A87TD EVO (EUR 95.49)
RAM: Corsair XMS3 2 x 2 Go DDR3 PC10600 CAS 9 (EUR 98.89)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD5830 1 Go (EUR 179.99)
Screen: Illyama ProLite E2208HDS-B2 (16:9, 22", 1920 x 1080, TN, 2 ms, DVI-D) (EUR 169.95)
Keyboard/mouse: Advance Desktop Bluelight (EUR 23.96)
OS: Windows 7 Famille Premium 64 bits (EUR 114.90)

All advice greatly appreciated! Is it all compatible? Does it all go well together? Etc etc.


  gengiscant 13:14 26 Aug 2010

I would up the PSU to something like this click here
Have you check for compatability, cpu/ram click here

  jakelad 20:23 26 Aug 2010

Do you really think I need to upgrade the PSU? I really thought 550 would be enough for this config.

Thanks for the link to the CPU/RAM compatibility check, but I couldn't really make head or tail of it. Most of the build will be assembled in shop though so they'll tell me if it isn't compatible.

Any other thoughts, anyone?

  gengiscant 08:25 27 Aug 2010

Well you do mention future proofing and your PSU does not give you a hell of a lot to play with.
In my opinion the PSU is a major component, get this wrong can cause all sorts of problems.

Here is a site that might interest here
And another site I use who are more knowledgeable and have put me right on occasions. Post your specs here and get their opinion. click here

  jakelad 15:42 30 Aug 2010


Thanks for the advice - also got some good advice over at forums.bit-tech so thanks gengiscant.

Last question: would an HD5830 be able to easily handle a 1920 x 1080 resolution?


  gengiscant 07:52 31 Aug 2010

I really wouldn't go for the 5830, it has had poor reviews and I would recommend the 4890 which is fine for your resolution.
Here's another siteyou might want to look at.
click here click on the GPU bench and compare graphics cards.

  jakelad 15:18 31 Aug 2010

gengiscant, I've seen the reviews for the 5830, and the vast majority of them which gave a poor verdict were written when it came out a while back and was priced much closer to a 5850 than a 5770. The main problem was the price point as in terms of performance the 5830 was only ~10% "better" than the 5770. Now, though, ATI's naive/dishonest initial RRP is history and the price is around 179 Euros, ie much closer to the 5770, so I think the main objection has been removed, no? What do you/others think?

  jakelad 15:20 31 Aug 2010

Hmm, spoke too soon: looking at the benchmark results versus a 4890, and I just cant understand what ATi were trying to do with the 5830... will have to rethink this one, maybe...

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