Adverts in postings

  Indigo 1 18:54 24 Feb 2004

Is it just me or ahs anyone else noticed that words such as PC, printer, software, Microsoft, hardware etc have all now got links advertising "Special Deals" in this forum?

Is it possible to stop my browser from 'seeing' these ?

I don't like this kind of advertising personally and I see it as a version of Pop-Ups which I block with every possible method. If I want to buy anything I know just where to look and don't want to have advertising forced on me.

  spikeychris 18:57 24 Feb 2004

Keeps the site free though! there are some browsers that "ignore" the adverts but I just run IE6 and have got used to them

  Diodorus Siculus 18:57 24 Feb 2004

Try MozillaFirefox browser - you will not see these!

  [email protected]@m 19:00 24 Feb 2004

Or Opera browser.

  whatsupdoc 19:01 24 Feb 2004

bills have to be paid. it beats paying for the use of the site. I'm sure that most people have saved a bit of money from this free advice.

  Indigo 1 19:03 24 Feb 2004

I have only noticed them over the past couple of days, how long have they been there ?

  961 19:05 24 Feb 2004

But if you don't click on the link you don't have a problem, do you?

A while ago everyone complained about pop up stoppers on this site. They've gone, as far as I am aware.

Now there are underlined links

You have a choice. Something to help fund the site and all it provides for you and 133,000 others or alternatively, a subscription fee

Which will you go for?

  Forum Editor 19:08 24 Feb 2004

are at all intrusive - you don't have to click them after all.

I'm constantly amazed that some people can't grasp the necessity for advertising on a site like this. It costs a small fortune to run,and we need to generate some income from it. Frankly I think the standard of help and advice you receive here is very high, and well worth the inconvenience of a few little wavy lines.

Where else can you get free one-to-one help and advice on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week (including Christmas day)?

  kyprosman 19:11 24 Feb 2004

well said

  Chegs ® 19:24 24 Feb 2004

I use Opera,never even noticed them,then changed to Avant,and still dont find these links intrusive(unless I happen to move the mouse over them)As has already been said,this site is expensive to run,and these links are a damn site better than some other methods that PCA has used in the past,especially when the popup producing software insisted on doling out upto 10 windows to anyone venturing into the site.

  powerless 19:42 24 Feb 2004

Episode 23 me thinks.

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