Adverts from Dell, or ?

  Migwell 17:55 15 Jun 2007

Every time I open the PCA help room I seem to get an advert,sometimes two, advertising Dell computers. It has a heading with the name click here. I first thought they came direct from Dell and phoned them and asked them to put a stop to the adverts. After a while I noticed the heading as above and tried some pop up blockers and various other methods to no avail. They just will not stop coming, I know that I can close them and delete them but I ought to be able to stop them coming some how.
1. Are other people getting these adverts.
2. Have they been able to stop them.
3. If they have managed to stop them HOW?

Any help will be appreciated.

  Fingees 18:32 15 Jun 2007

I use firefox, with various plugins, so don't get any ads on PCA

  VoG II 18:38 15 Jun 2007
  pj123 20:31 15 Jun 2007
  p;3 23:22 15 Jun 2007

on my home computer I also use Hosts as per Vogs link

and when NOT on a Hosts computer and using win 2000 or xp with the ad blocking in THOSE sometimes this site gets completely shut due TO all the ads;

unfortunately the ads do pay FOR the running of the site and when I am on a non hosts comp I see a lot of them ; I prefer to be on thsi site with no ads so I can see the threads I am looking at withought playing ads dodgems

install the hosts file and see the difference?

  rdave13 23:25 15 Jun 2007

Had the ads popups for a few days then they disappeared. Why worry?

  Migwell 00:59 16 Jun 2007

Because I don't trust what could be hidden in these adverts.
To me it is as bad as having phone taps and these are illegal, so why should I put up with them?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:00 16 Jun 2007

'Because I don't trust what could be hidden in these adverts'....You are being ridiculously over-paranoid about adverts. I assume that you never watch TV or buy newspapers or magazines because they all have adverts. Any site costs a fortune to run and adverts pay for it. You will have been influenced many tines by advertising and it is something that is always around 24/7 so you have to get used to it.

'To me it is as bad as having phone taps and these are illegal'..they are not illegal under certain circumstances but your allusion is totally wrong and paranoid. This (and other sites) are not owned by you. You ONLY pay to access the Internet and what owners decide to put on their sites is up to them. How would you like it if I told you how to decorate your living room? You do have the choice not to use the Internet and as you seem to be afraid of adverts then this will be your only choice as the Internet is stuffed with them.

You have been told how to reduce the adverts so you can 'put up with them' or do not use the Internet, the choice is yours. If you have an up to date AV, an antispyware prog. and a tiny bit of common snese you will be OK. However you could always be philanthropic and click on the adverts and help run this site which helps everyone else benefit from the vast knowledge here.


  Migwell 15:59 16 Jun 2007

Hi Gandalf: I don't mind adverts being around OK, but I don't want to be pestered with them. After all it is my computer and like most people you would not allow a stranger to enter your home unless you were happy and invited them in. I have not invited this Dell advert to arrive that I know of and should be allowed not to have it infiltrate my private space. I have not had this from any other site that I can think of.

I might give Firefox a try if that is what is recommended.

Thanks to all. Migwell.
I will tick the box.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:01 16 Jun 2007

It is not your private space. When you are on a website it is the owners' space to do with as they wish.


  Migwell 16:03 16 Jun 2007

NOT ON My computer

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