twin 13:19 04 May 2004

I have noticed that when writing a on this forum
certain words are highlited.when the mouse is moved over them. You are then given the option to go to a different website.Is this legitamate
or has the site been hijacked.
key words seem to be Hard drive, cpu, motherboard,nero,encryption,backup,graphics card. the list is endless. If this is legit then this forum is not free. Because every one who writes here is helping the advertisers. Just a thought.

  stlucia 13:24 04 May 2004

It's deliberate, and it's one way the site can earn its keep.

Maybe we can have a competition to see who can write the longest post without getting any keywords highlighted! Maybe not.

  QuickHare 13:41 04 May 2004

Considering you signed up without paying and you are posting without paying and site gets no money from other places, it would be safe to assume that the words highlighted are the main source of revenue the lads at the Mag*.

The other means is the advert down the side of the page and the one across the top, both pulling in money to help pay for the upkeep of the site. This can include hiring the big thing these pages reside on* and the registration with the naming* so their URL will work.

I've read and posted here on many occassions, and I've learnt to just read across this green highlights*. But no, it is not an invasion from some bad program*.

*Those noticing the stars might have worked out that these represent where I had to use an alternative word or phrase so to avoid so highlighting. This is the longest post so far without any, if you see no highlights at all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:48 04 May 2004

'Because every one who writes here is helping the advertisers' is actually the other way round.


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