PCModder 15:39 14 Feb 2008

Recently baught a wireless keyboard and mouse from PC World. The staff there recommended it as they had it themselves and it was a good buy i thought. Read the instructions to connect the wireless reciver to the usb port wich i did then it should work. But no it did'nt, the keyboard works fine it's just the mouse that aint working so i have to yse my old *!@: dell mouse. It's a Advent ADE-WD1 keyboard and mouse combo and i need i would be happy for some help on how to fix it.

  PCModder 15:42 14 Feb 2008

Sorry about the spellings mistakes and at the end it should say "keyboard and mouse combo and i would be happy for some advice on how to fix it"

  crosstrainer 15:44 14 Feb 2008

Pressed and held in the connect button on the mouse (usually underneath) it's small, like a little reset button. It establishes the connection for the mouse, the keyboard should also have one on the bottom, If that fails I would return it...(unless the batteries are flat in the mouse?)

  PCModder 15:50 14 Feb 2008

What if i delete the keyboard and mice device then re-connect it in a different USB port, would that work if not il just take it back and get another one.

  crosstrainer 15:55 14 Feb 2008

Batteries and connect switch have been tried, and you are sure that the batteries in the mouse are ok, then trying it in another port won't hurt....You don't need to delete the devices, just plug it into the port on your pc (a different one) If that fails return for refund / replacement.

  PCModder 15:57 14 Feb 2008

Thanks for the advice it works really good now.

  BT 16:54 14 Feb 2008

I had a wireless mouse and keyboard supplied with my Advent computer.
Keyboard was fine but the mouse(ball would you believe) ate batteries faster than a real mouse eats cheese!!

  crosstrainer 17:00 14 Feb 2008

Sad but true....They all do. Call me old fashioned but I prfer a corded keyboard and rodent anytime.

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