Advent T9306 graphics upgarde

  PoolShark1984 00:17 19 Oct 2007

Hi, i am looking to upgrade my graphics card from a x600pcie 256mb, i have a p4 ht processor 650 3.4ghz. Mobo = MS-7091 ver:2 (micro-star), 2048mb ddr2 ram, with a 22in flat panel monitor running up to 1650 x 1050 res i think (hanns.g hw223d 1080p). i am really at a loss as to what would be the best upgrade i could get regarding this. i have bought a 650watt psu ready to ensure i have the power required 4 any potential upgrade. if any1 could shed any light on my options it would be greatly appreciated

  keef66 10:41 19 Oct 2007

why do you want to upgrade? What do you want your new card to do that the current one doesn't? And how much do you want to spend?

If you want DX10 gaming at high resolutions then you're probably looking at spending at least a couple of hundred on an Nvidia 8800 or an ATI 2900 based card

  PoolShark1984 23:01 25 Oct 2007

I'd like to upgrade my graphics for gaming but not sure what limitations my pc has. i'm not fussed by dx10, i'd just like a card that's relatively quick and can run at reasonable resolutions and for a reasonable price sub £100 if poss but willing to go over if worthwhile. My current card can't cope with games like company of heroes, as the frame rate is real slow on my 22in monitor which i expected, but even on my old crt it was playable but slow, so basically able to play modern games at a reasonable level would be ideal

appreciate your help on this


  keef66 09:59 26 Oct 2007

click here

It will give you an idea of the best buys at each price point. Unfortunately prices in $US, exchange rate is £1 to $2, but we seem to pay more for hardware than they do in USA, ie you can't find a $200 card for £100, it will be more like £150

Also on the Tom's Hardware site is their VGA charts which show how the different cards perfom in different games and at various resolutions / quality settings. I'll post a link in a minute

  keef66 10:00 26 Oct 2007

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