Advent T9107 Desktop - Sound Channel Problem

  Murielson 1 11:53 17 Jan 2011

PC is several years old, bought new from PC World, running Windows XP and unfortunately not certain when the problem started, just noticed it a few weeks ago. Speakers are Logitec X230 - 2.1 IIRC.

The problem is that I appear to have lost audio from just one channel on my system ie, sound only comes from one speaker. I have tried different audio source to speakers, different speakers on system, different audio cables, checked BIOS settings, downloaded and updated Realtek Audio drivers etc with no success and am now at a bit of a loss. Next logical step for me is to take the system apart and check/resolder the solder joints for the audio connectors onto the motherboard etc but just wondered if anyone had any additional thoughts before I take this step?

As the sound is currently onboard Realtek AC 97, would there be any value in buying a cheapish soundcard and fitting that to see if sound is available via this route? If so, could someone just please confirm what type of generic, cheap sound card I can go for to ensure compatability with the motherboard (Asus P5SD2-TM-5A).

Thanks in advance for any replies.

  GaT7 13:17 17 Jan 2011

Any PCI soundcard will do if you have a spare PCI slot - e.g. this CiT SC-1723 5.1 PCI Sound Card for £6 click here.

You can also pick up Creative soundcards for £5 or under at eBay - a related search click here. G

  Murielson 1 16:15 17 Jan 2011

Apologies but bit of a thicko follow on question -I assume I am looking for an analogue sound card to drive my X-230 Logitech speakers rather than a digital output card?

Don't think my speakers deal with digital signals but happy to be proved wrong if this is the case. Thanks again.

  GaT7 16:25 17 Jan 2011

They should be OK for analogue too - see the 'Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Digital Soundcard' manual click here for example.

Drivers can be downloaded from Creative for the above card click here, or for a different card via click here by making the appropriate choices. G

  GaT7 16:28 17 Jan 2011

Actually this click here is probably the correct driver link for the Live 5.1 Digital, but you get the picture I think. G

  GaT7 16:32 17 Jan 2011

If buying from eBay, I think you'll want to avoid any of the green-coloured PCB ones as they are a bit ancient I think (i.e. will suit better suit Win95/98). G

  Murielson 1 09:59 18 Jan 2011

Thanks for all the info Crossbow, very helpful.

I note that, via ebay, there are several versions of the Soundblaster Live cards and just wondered if there are any recommendations of one over the next? i note you have recommended staying away from green cards but is it that simple? Is there a site that gives details of the cards in terms of suitable for XP etc? I note that on the Creative site they just mainly deal with the new cards which is undersatndable I guess.

To confirm, I am not after gaming audio etc but just basic audio for music etc as i have a vast collection that is being neglected due to limited audio output at present. Just a decent card that will provide the drive to my Logitec x-230 speakers will suffice.

  GaT7 11:59 18 Jan 2011

The Creative 'Audigy' range is a step up from the other cheap ones. And yes, all the Creative green = older ones & the Creative dark brown = newer ones.

As long as there are drivers available for XP for any card you choose it will be fine. So whatever card you're considering (that comes with a driver CD or not), visit the manufacturer's site & look for XP drivers. Need help with this, just ask.

One other thing I forgot to ask is if your PC case is a standard one or is it a small form factor / slim-type one? A standard one will only take a full-height card/bracket like click here, & the other type will only take a low-profile / half-height card/bracket like click here (latter posted as an example only).

None of the cards I've suggested are specifically gaming ones. G

  Murielson 1 15:47 18 Jan 2011

Have to check for space envelope as I have a mini tower and imagine I will need low profile. Found a list of Soundblaster Products with model numbers at the link below for info:

click here(10846),kb=ww_english_add,varset=ws:click here

Case info at the link below:

click here={f845fb34-f7ee-4d15-ada1-1415906c10e4}&CatID={1f32b6fc-fbf9-4f42-864c-4ea387249e0d}

  GaT7 15:56 18 Jan 2011

No, you'll need a standard height one for your case (clickable click here).

Your Creative models link as well click here. G

P.S. use click here for links with = / ; / etc in them

  GaT7 16:00 18 Jan 2011

From the list, I'd suggest anything including & above "Sound Blaster Live! PCI CT4620" should be fine. G

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