Advent T Series PC

  DocFox 14:30 15 Nov 2005

Anybody had problems with new ( 1 year old)Advent T Series (e.g. T11/T12 or T9103 models)continually crashing. I had a T11 replaced after 2 months with a T9103. Had a new HDD after a couple of months. Still experiencing freezes and now another "Boot disk failure". PC World thought motherboard now HDD again. Real problem might be 2xHDD sitting virtually on top of each other causing oveheating and ultimately a breakdown (fans power up as if they want to take off). Anyone else encountered this?

  DocFox 15:09 15 Nov 2005

The freezes were Windows XP just locking up - nothing would react - keyboard or mouse. The only option was to power off. For a while just powering back on to restart was ok but eventually the HDD gave the "Boot Disk failure".

  DocFox 21:03 15 Nov 2005

Anybody use Advent or are they all ok?

  kinger 21:08 15 Nov 2005

I purchased the T9303 which was faulty right out of the box (boot disk error) it was replaced and has been OK for several months since.

  DocFox 21:27 15 Nov 2005

The real test is anyone with twin disks - the PC World Engineer reckons they may be super-heating each other causing the freezes then eventual failure.

  NearlyTheir 21:53 15 Nov 2005

I have a Advent T9102 second hand base unit. Had had many times it reboot to win Xp mostly when it was doing benchmark or 3D games. Thought it was the 3d card so got all the updates but no good. I found the cpu heatsink worked loose maybe forcing the cpu to over heat and reboot.
My heat sink fan makes a right old din since it was new. PC world did a health check on it when it was in warranty and said it was working fine but as soon as I got it home , reboot , reboot again. Ok now after D.I.Y. fix.

  NearlyTheir 22:25 17 Nov 2005

Its only a guess but it may be a fault of the system board setting bios.
My T9102 cpu fan ( on side of box ) still powers up as if they want to take off as you said.
Makes quite a din like a cheap hair dryer.
Mine is out of warranty so ,will change the fan to water cooling soon.
Some Pcworld staff knows shite about computers.
Sorry the language but its true.

  diximan64 10:08 27 Nov 2005

I have a advent t12 computer that runs like a jet engine on take-off. Now I am getting a beep-beep-beep-beep-beep sound and the computer will not boot up.

  diximan64 16:51 05 Aug 2006

I did have an advent T12 computer, the cpu fan was very noisey like a hairdryer. the motherboard failed after only 6 months.
I used some of the parts to build another pc using a full sized tower with cooling fans.
The advent was also getting very hot inside the case.

  gazza38 21:23 05 Aug 2006

I have an Advent T11 based system,although I have changed most componets over the 20 months I've had it.
To solve the noisey CPU fan I changed it for a Zalman "CNPS9500 AT" which also dropped the temp by 10 degrees, this is super quite.
I changed the PSU to an Antec Neo 550W HE.
7800GTX GPU.2x 300gb + 1x 250gb internal HDD's.2gb of DDR400.
An I-Cute case from Maplins with 14cm front, 8cm side intake, 12cm rear exhaust fan.
The system is very stable, quite and cool.

  gadgetman.1 20:31 22 Nov 2006

Hi Docfox

I had a simular problem a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in my pc crashing, unable to boot up(not all the time) and generally having a mind of its own. I took it to the local PC shop for repairs as it was about 18months old, and thinking the worst being the hard drive, mother board, however it was a pink cable behind the hard drive that connects to the mother board (this cable apparently replaces the old style ribbon connection), which cost about £6.99 to replace, however i had to play a minimum charge of £40.00 for a look. The chap in PC shop was a registered Microsoft engineer and had a good idea, and again he suggested it might be caused by the hard drives getting a little warm? and also said that he had not come across that size processor before. I think he also suggested in installing a additional cooling fan if the problem occured again. I might be worth checking thic out.

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