Advent Roma 2000 laptop won't boot- continously switches itself on and off

  katieanna 21:24 28 Jun 2011

My laptop can be switched on as normal, and I see the button light up and hear the fan's whirling noises. Nothing appears on the screen and then the laptop switches off. (It makes the noise it usually makes once I've switched it off myself.) Then completely of it's own accord, it switches itself back on again. And then off. And then on, and so on. This just repeats itself, and in all this time I can hear the mechanisms but can see nothing on the screen.

At first I thought it must be a problem with the battery, but I can't see how the laptop would continue to switch itself off and on without the battery functioning properly. (It's been going non-stop for half an hour now!) I don't want to pay £50 for a new battery if that isn't going to fix the problem. (I use the PC mostly to watch TV/DVDs, I've got my far superior and beloved Mac for the proper stuff, thank god. But I have stuff saved to the PC which I am very keen not to lose.)

I've only had this Advent for about 16 months.

Any suggestions from people who understand this all a bit better than me would be very much appreciated!


  wee eddie 22:42 28 Jun 2011

Simple things first:

Unless it is the Hard Drive failing, do not worry about loosing stuff. All you need to do is to take out the old hard Drive and put it into a suitable Enclosure (About £15) which will turn it into a External Hard Drive, you can then read the contents at your leisure.

My first impression is that it might be over-heating, which could be caused by fluff which can block or restrict Air Ducts. So a good clean out should be ones first point of attack.

There are so many ways of doing this that you can make up your own. Suck it, blow it, briskly brush it, remove the covers and scrape it. Or in my Niece's case, peel it ~ She'd been using her Lappy on the sofa and the intake was full of Dog Hairs.

  robin_x 23:27 28 Jun 2011

Above is a definite possibility.

Also, take the battery out anyway and just run on mains if possible. See what happens. Keep the battery out until the problem has been found.

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