advent recovery cd required

  seymx 01:03 12 Jun 2009

like an idiot.. ive formatted the whole of my hard drive and never made a backup of the xp (home sp2) that was installed when i bought my advent 7098. having tried lots of different solutions for reinstalling xp using the product key on the bottom of my laptop.

i've come to the thinking that it requires a vendor specific xp (home sp2) disk for the p/key to activate

the only way is to use exactly the same advent recovery of xp home sp2

so..if on your advent laptop's xp auth sticker has DGS RETAIL LIMITED written above the product key.... i need you to be so kind to lend me or burn me a copy of the recovery cd you should have already made? please?

i could send a prepaid package to anywhere in the uk and maybe an agreed sum for your time can be arranged

p.s.if you haven't made one... do it now!

  seymx 01:51 12 Jun 2009
  Taff™ 06:50 12 Jun 2009

So you should be able to use F10 to restore the computer to ex-factory state. If that doesn`t work post back. As far as I know you should be able to use any XP Home SP2 disk with your COA key from the sticker on the machine. I don`t think this computer uses what is called a manufacturers "Tattoo" which would require a specific set of dedicated discs from the manufacturer.

  seymx 18:19 12 Jun 2009

cheers for repliying but like i said i've formatted 'the whole of my hd'... including the recovery partition!!!! d'oh!!!

i've bought an xp home sp2 disk and installed it on my home-built desktop pc thinking i could then use the same disk to install xp on my advent laptop using the product key on it's sticker.. tried and failed :(

i tried using regedit to change the product key whilst installed b ut no joy it's keep saying 'invalid key'!!!

so like i said i think it has got a manufacturers 'tattoo' and requires a disk for, not just an advent notebook, but an advent 7098 with xp home sp2

this may confirm it...
click here

  Taff™ 06:06 13 Jun 2009

So tapping the F10 key at start up doesn`t launch the Recovery partition options? I`m not convinced that you need the Advent Recovery Media. Using the XP SP2 disc you need to boot from it and start the setup process. When asked for the CD Key it is important to use the one from the sticker on your machine. Check it carefully - B looks like 8, 0 and O`s etc.

Let me know at exactly what point the product key fails. Is it when you enter it for the first time or once you have booted into the Windows environment and go to authenticate on-line. There is always the option to phone Microsoft and enter the product key manually and receive a new set of codes to re-register it. You may be put through to a real person and just explain to them what you`re doing. They`ll ask you to confirm that you have the XP license on only one machine, which you have.

  seymx 16:39 13 Jun 2009

pressing f10 takes me to 3 options: hd... just boots as normal boot... does nothing then boots as normal enter setup... the bios

the product key fails at the windows setup so i used the key that came with the disk i bought just to enable me to use my laptop (without updates on) then used regedit to deactivate windows and try to change the key to the one on the laptop sticker but this still says it invalid. (there's no 0 or o and only one 8 which is definately not a B)..

i rang microsoft and explained that i have a product key for my laptop and it doesn't work with the bought disk of the same version. they said ring the manufacturer to get the key validated ... which was helpful!

i'll try and ring 'the tech guys'(as advent is part of pc world) and explain i just need validation of the key but i not holding out much hope that they say 'oh yeah.. just a minute' and more likely say 'you'll need to buy a recovery disk'.. kerrching..££££££
i'll let you know what they say..

  T I M B O 16:47 13 Jun 2009

As far as i know, the recovery partition on an advent is the same as a medion, it's hidden and can only be removed with wiping software. Or maybe things have changed?

  seymx 19:00 13 Jun 2009

cheers timbo
but i may have knackered the f10 hotkey (as detailed below) when i reinstalled a dodgy copy of xp and i remember formatting the C: partition and for some stupid reason i also wipe the other bit of the drive, i can't remember if it was unpartitioned space or not but it's gone although not with any wiping software just the option of formatting a partition with window setup like when it detects another OS is already installed.

"Do not use a retail or OEM XP CD on the PC, as this will most likely be illegal and not licensed properly, most importantly it might disable the hidden partition recovery meaning you lose all the applications and might have to pay for disks.
- Do not use Norton GoBack or similar tools - this interferes with the MBR and disables the F10 hotkey so you can't recover if Windows doesn't load. Again, doing so is not covered by warranty and may need you to pay for media.
- If you change the operating system, to Linux or Vista, for example, make sure you have the recovery disks and all required drivers. If a configuration is not supported, you may well be required to restore to the factory OS to confirm that the problem is not related to the OS, and in such cases you will not get support until you do - this includes a fee to get the CDs if you haven't made them."

the rest of this is here>>>
click here

  seymx 21:01 13 Jun 2009

i have installed a retail(ish) xp pro and now have an OEM xp home installed...

"Do not use a retail or OEM XP CD on the PC, might disable the hidden partition recovery meaning you lose all the applications and might have to pay for disks."

still need to ring 'the tech guys' and see what they say... to be continued

  T I M B O 21:20 13 Jun 2009

You see,when you have the original recovery cd's that came with that computer you can install them and it will re-instate the hidden partition on a FAT 32 partition, then format the rest of the hard drive to NTFS and then on goes win xp. Noe if you have purchased an xp cd then when u install that cd into the rom, then reboot the computer and then u will have the install instructions before you. One of the questions is, do you wish to remove the partition & you will reply with yes, but what it does not see is the hidden partition created by Pc Angel, so you will end up with a clean install of that xp with the hidden partition. but now maybe its not allowing you to use that anymore. Wiping is a completly diffrent process to formatting. Wiping delete everything completly, formatting just removes the ability to see anything you had on that hard drive. A replacement xp cd from pc World ie the tech guysclick here={c7c9a717-9744-4545-bc0f-6cb07c02a705}&ID={37851ef7-2cd7-4464-9daa-732da20d94c6} cost about £35 per set i think. If you have the original set then u will be home n dry. Please let me know how you get on.

Best of luck.....

  T I M B O 21:28 13 Jun 2009

Opps, that link came out all wonky >> click here

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