advent pc..switches off when it wants to..

  winnie witch 15:59 30 Sep 2006

my pc is frustrating me now...i need HELP.
For some reason it will switch its self off and reboot when it wants..when it comes back on it tells me a seroius error as occured..
STOP: 0x0000009c (0x00000004,0x00000000,0xb2000000,0x00020151)"machine_check_exception"
.system bus errors
.memory errors
.cache errors
this behavoir is by design.
some one must understand new to computing and im really, really fed up...someone please help me..cheers winnie

  Pineman100 16:09 30 Sep 2006

click here for more information on this error report.

It looks as though you may have a faulty power supply, cooling fan or memory chip. Is your machine still under warranty? If so, you should be contacting the supplier.

  winnie witch 16:12 30 Sep 2006

its got a 12 month warrenty on it...i will have to find the reciept and go back to pc world..cheers i thought i was doin something wrong

  Pineman100 16:17 30 Sep 2006

If the computer has done this since day 1, this suggests that something was probably not installed correctly by the manufacturer. As I said - could be a cooling fan, maybe even a memory chip not properly seated.

Definitely a warranty job.

  Pineman100 16:18 30 Sep 2006

Just one more thought - it might be a good idea to print out the Microsoft article that I gave you a link for, and take it with you to PC World.

  Jak_1 16:23 30 Sep 2006

Sounds more likely to be a faulty PSU, take it back under the warantee. However firstly, I would run antivirus and antispyware progs in safe mode.

One question though, how long is the pc on before this occurs?

  winnie witch 16:23 30 Sep 2006

will do thanks...

  winnie witch 16:26 30 Sep 2006

norton was pre installed...did anit virus and everthing ok...i then change to avg because it wouldnt allow me to install my lexmark fax/printer..i have even done a system recovery back to manufacturer configs...still had no luck

  Jak_1 17:08 30 Sep 2006

Then I do suspect a faulty PSU, get it seen to under the warantee.

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