advent laptop 9617 ?? any users

  acein1 21:28 04 Aug 2008

yes i have being into the "advent forums"and being in touch with "THE TECH GUYS", no help whatsoever,a simple problem which there dont seem to be an answer,(at least from the people who should know)
all i want is to make my "caps lock key" make a sound when i hit it.
i have followed the instructions in the manual,no joy,"the tech guys","dont ask",after taking me through the manual instructions without finding the answer,they came back with quote, (I DONT KNOW WHY YOU WOULD WANT TO MAKE YOUR CAPS LOCK MAKE A SOUND)im just hopeing that maby someone reading this may have the same model."advent 9617 4 months old,just as a matter of interest,last week i was in 2 of the branches that "THE TECH GUYS" are in charge of,and guess what,both had the same models on disply and both had the same problem,these are "new laptops" ready to be sold to some poor sap who will end up like me,if anyone can offer any help i would be greatfull many thanks

  LivEviL 21:53 04 Aug 2008

click here

Quote "
Tips for the Fumble Fingered.

Ever get into a furious typing session only to discover that you've typed half a paragraph in all caps? Your pinkie finger has betrayed you? There is a way to help prevent that. Make Windows play a sound when the Caps Lock key is pressed.

Here's how:

1. Open your PC's Control Panel and then Accessibility Options (In XP use Classic View).

2. On the Keyboard tab , click the Use Toggle Keys checkbox.

3. Click OK.

Now you'll hear a sound when you use Caps Lock and also Num Lock and Scroll Lock.

If you're a bit hard of hearing or need a visual warning for some other reason, try this:

1. Repeat step one above.

2. In the Sound tab ckick to check the Use SoundSentry checkbox.

3. Click the Settings button and select Flash active window in the Warning for windowed programs drop-down menu.

4. Click OK and you're done.

Now every time you hit Caps Lock or the other Lock keys, the currently active window will flash at you. "

  LivEviL 21:55 04 Aug 2008

or in Vista
click here

"1. Open the Control Panel. (Classic View)
2. Click on the Ease of Access Center icon.
3. Click on the Make the keyboard easier to use link. (See screenshot below)

4. To Turn Toggle Keys On -

A) Check Turn on Toggle Keys. (See screenshot below step 6)
NOTE: Check Turn on Toggle Keys by holding down the NUM LOCK key for 5 seconds to be able to turn toggle keys ON or OFF manually.

B) Go to step 6.

5. To Turn Toggle Keys Off -

A) Uncheck Turn on Toggle Keys. (See screenshot below step 6)

6. Click on the Save button.

7. Close window from below step 3."

  acein1 22:07 04 Aug 2008

thank you for your help,but the methods suggested do not work with "advent 9617",i have tried all toggle keys ,holding down num lock,etc,ive tried, click on apply,then the "save " key is greayed out,if i click on "save" only,same thing the changes do not take effect thanks anyway

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