Advent 8315 laptop hard drive failure

  hmws 10:04 13 Feb 2011

With apparently no warning my stepsons laptop is failing to boot and it appears hard drive related.

I have pressed F2 at bootup and and at the main page it has SATA hard drive "[None]".
It won't let me get to the "Boot" heading and beeped once.

The only thing that I can get running is Yukon PXE V5.0.2.3
I get an error PXE-E61! Media Test failure, check cable.

Operating system not found.

Assuming they have orignal CD's are there any suggestions.

Thanks very much

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 13 Feb 2011

Try remove / refit hard drive to remake the connections.

  johndrew 10:31 13 Feb 2011

It is possible that a connector has become loose and, with some stripping, this could be checked. Before you start, try removing the battery for a few minutes, refitting and see if it boots. It could also be caused by a flat CMOS battery so changing this is a (cheap) option. Depending on the RAM fitted, you could try removing one stick at a time to see if that helps.

If all the above fails it does look as if the HDD has given up the ghost. Hopefully all data was backed up which will allow a new HDD to be fitted and reloaded from the backup. If not then it looks like a longer job from the original CDs.

  bremner 10:34 13 Feb 2011

A single beep means that the POST has been successful with no problems. This tends to suggest the RAM is fine.

I do not believe the HDD is not incuded in POST.

  hmws 12:45 15 Feb 2011

I forgot to say I had already taken out the battery.

Following your advice I have since taken out the hard drive and checked all the cables I can see.
Nothing appears out of place. I am afraid that I am pretty well out of my depth now.

I am waiting to get their original CD's and then if all else fails I will look at replacing the Hard Drive.

Is it "normal" that the Hard drive just fails with no apparent warning?

Once again many thanks for your advice.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 15 Feb 2011

Has it made any difference since you refitted the Hard drive?

  hmws 16:32 15 Feb 2011

Sorry - no difference whatsoever since replacing hard drive.

When getting into BIOS settings it is still showing SATA hard drive [None].

The only thing that I can get running is Yukon PXE V5.0.2.3
I get an error PXE-E61! Media Test failure, check cable.

Thanks for coming back

  johndrew 10:47 16 Feb 2011

The "Media Test failure, check cable" message does indicate the drive has failed. As you have it out of the laptop the only other check you could try would be to put it into a dock such as click here (you may be able to borrow one or buy one cheaper elsewhere) and see if it runs. If it does it is likely to be a 'cable' fault which will need fixing even with a new HDD.

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