Advent 8109 screen problems

  LivEviL 21:41 18 Aug 2008

hi i have an advent 8109 laptop a friend has asked me to look at iv repaired laptops and screens in the past, but this one has me stumped! basically the laptop isnt displaying a picture and neither on the external monitor port, i have tried the Fn button and F12 (which is the external monitor) one thing i have noticed is that there doesnt seem to be any Ram inside it, does this model have fixed in ram? also the fan attached to the heatsink of the processor it doesnt spin which it might only spin when it gets hot, the power light goes on when switched on and the charging battery light comes on when its on charge and i can hear the hard drive spinning........ any ideas? i thort it might be the inverter but i cant see a picture in the back ground and cant get a picture out the external port


  LivEviL 22:12 18 Aug 2008


  MAT ALAN 22:14 18 Aug 2008

one thing i have noticed is that there doesnt seem to be any Ram inside it.

you may need to confirm this before doing anything else...

  LivEviL 22:27 18 Aug 2008

well it looks like a ram slot and theres nothing in it,

  MAT ALAN 22:30 18 Aug 2008

iv repaired laptops and screens in the past...

Only you can tell us that, it either is or it isn't.
If your not sure ask somebody that does know, otherwise we are going to get nowhere!!!

  LivEviL 22:38 18 Aug 2008

right ok its a Ram slot.

  LivEviL 23:00 18 Aug 2008

yeah deff a ram slot the reason i was unsure before is the wireless pci card has a similar connection

  LivEviL 23:03 18 Aug 2008

can someone confirm to me that is there were no ram in the laptop the screen wouldn't work i dont even get bios

  MAT ALAN 23:09 18 Aug 2008

click here

there are two memory slots so i would assume there is a module in that one..

Are you powering up for the battery or mains...

  woodchip 23:15 18 Aug 2008

Have you tried Starting it just on Mains? remove the Battery as This may have shorted internally

  woodchip 23:16 18 Aug 2008

You cannot always see the number one stick of Ram as it may be in a Slot inside the Casing It is on a Medion that I have

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