Advent 7109 How to boot up with WIFI running?

  shippo_uk 12:11 14 Nov 2006

Hi there
We just got my dad an ADVENT 7109 laptop. Its a great little machine for the money, but what we find very very annoying is that it boots up without having WIFI turned on.
It doesnt have a switch on it so you could permanently leave it on, if has a actual button(that can only be pressed once the pc has been turned on).
Does anyone know how I can make this laptop have wifi automatically turn itself on when I boot it up?
It is quite annoying.

  vinnyT 13:23 14 Nov 2006

Not sure about this, but have a look in the bios, there may be an option to start with wi-fi enabled (similar to 'numlock enabled' will start the pc with the numlock on.

  shippo_uk 13:29 14 Nov 2006

ive already had a look at the bios, but dont seem to be able to find an option for anything like that at all I'm afraid.
Infact theres no real options in the bios at all.
Anyone else have any other ideas?

  Whaty 14:13 14 Nov 2006

I have an Acer laptop which comes with a utility for controlling the settings dependant on the power source you are using, AC or Battery. This utility allows you to turn on/off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Does the Advent have something similar?

  wjrt 14:29 14 Nov 2006

have two laptops and both have the means of enabling wifi by pressing Fn and F2 at the same time . the same combination is used to disable the wireless function. once enabled it stays enabled every time i boot up and to access internet have to open browser and we are away.

  shippo_uk 14:34 14 Nov 2006

I'll have a look at both ideas, many thanks

  shippo_uk 16:02 18 Nov 2006

Sorry but that Function key does not work for setting the wi-fi to be permanently on.
anymore ideas?

  pixelpaul 22:30 25 Nov 2006

I also have/had the same problem. It was a PITA to deal with and eventually returned the complete unit to the shop. Swapped it for a Toshiba that doesnt have a wifi on/off button. Apparently it is a common feature of 'low cost' laptops to conserve battery life. IMO this is a completely unnecessary complication that the standard user can live without. ESPECIALLY when they dont bother putting an LED to say if the WIFI is on or off (of course the LED would consume more wattage than the wifi....)

BTW. While we stood at the counter another customer returned their 7109 as it was rebooting/shutting down randomly. They upgraded to another Advent (dual core) so maybe thats a way of increasing revenue......

  Ashrich 01:38 26 Nov 2006

Have a look at the wireless adapters settings in Device Manager , may be something there to stop it turning off , is it an Intel mini pci board in there, because if it is there is definitely a way to do it , if not an on/off software switch there may be a " always full power " option .


  shippo_uk 16:39 26 Nov 2006

sorry but there's nothing in Device Manager for it either.
This is really bugging me now.
I know its quite a new laptop so not many people own them, so not many people are checking up this problem, but surely other people out there are annoyed too?
Anyone else got any ideas?

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