advent 7060 laptop

  kev1962 18:52 15 Jun 2006

can someone out there help me to get my advent laptop to switch on. earlier today it just went off, the battery was charing at the time, i was connected to the internet with the anti virus and fire wall etc all working ok. it just went blank. i have had the battery out and no luck.i even tried it connected to the charger as per pc service call but no change. even if someone can tell me what the problem is it will help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 15 Jun 2006

1. fuse in plug ok?

2. power from adaptor?

3. any leds lit on laptop?

4. any sound from fans / HDD?

try running with batter out direct off mains adaptor.

  kev1962 19:10 15 Jun 2006

charger ok....grn light is on when plugged in
no lights on laptop whatsoever.
no sounds from hdd or fans
have tried running without battery in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 15 Jun 2006

Oh dear

if you can test the adaptor lead do so and if ok:

then probably power soccket failed on mobo or power supply failed on mobo.

  kev1962 19:23 15 Jun 2006

is there any way i can check mobo( i am an amateur so nothing too fancy )

  woodchip 23:33 15 Jun 2006

No it's too much for you to check Mobo. If you have a Volt Multimeter you can test the adapter it will say how many on bottom of adapter round about 19volts

  kev1962 16:14 16 Jun 2006

ok, am sending it for repair.

  Egernvænget 19:35 11 Jul 2006

Hi kev1962, Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Exactly the same thing just happened to my Advent 7060. It's just over 2 years old and just died on me for no reason.
Cheers for any advice.

  kev1962 09:53 17 Jul 2006

as of yet i haven't had it fixed i've been made redundent. but i have priced up a repair, shock horror, the general opinion is it's a burnt out link between the power supplies and the main unit. so not fixable by myself. the best prices i got were from a small local pc shop, my advice avoid pc world/currys etc as they wanted £100 + just to collect it and look at it.

  chrisblog 11:52 06 Dec 2006

my laptop went dead and i assume its the power supply. When it is plugged in the green p s light is on. When i connect to the laptop, the green p s light blinks but the pc will not power up. I assume when the failure occurred, the laptop was running on battery power which is now exhausted...any comments please

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