Advent 3405 - Upgrading RAM

  User-086220AE-1CFC-4E1F-A9EA002C05907E8A 13:11 01 Apr 2003

Can anyone please help me? I bought an advent 3405 PC about a year and a half ago from PC World. It came with 128mb of RAM which I know wish to upgrade to 512mb if possible. However, I can find no info on the Web or in instruction manuals with regards to what Type of RAM it is (DDR or SD etc) and whether or not I can upgrade. If anyone know the answers to these questions, I would be grateful.

Also, the processor is currently a Pentium IV 1.4GHz which I again wish to upgrade. Is this possible and if so, what to.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Kind Regards

  MAJ 13:24 01 Apr 2003

I can find nothing on the Advent 3405, Enajohn, only the Advent 3404 or 3407. You might need to take out the memory you have and get a part number of it. Or download Aida32 click here that might tell you what's installed.

Pretty much the same as I found on the web - I think I will probably just have to go back to PC World and ask them directly. Thanks for the feedbacl though.

In terms of the Processor, I know that the board is a Microstar MS-6339 Socket 423 P4 Mother there a limit to how much I can upgrade to and if I can upgrade, where is the best place to buy from?

Sorry for all the questions..

Thanks and Kind Regards


  vaughan007 13:54 01 Apr 2003

Look at your memory and see what Part number it is.

Also look for any other numbers, names, etc. it has written on it.

Then simply type these serial numbers or part numbers into google.

Believe it or not, this often brings up web pages telling you what sort of ram it is.

May not work, but it is worth a try.

  Big Elf 13:56 01 Apr 2003

I may be wrong on this (often am) but I think you'll have difficulty finding a socket 423 CPU as socket 478 replaced it last year. If you can get one a BIOS upgrade may be required (very scary, heart thumping experience in my case).

I always go to Novatech first and then Dabs if they haven't got what I want. Both provide excellent service with technical back-up to match.

  vaughan007 13:59 01 Apr 2003

A socket 423 CPU may be hard to find.

I heard they have developed a 423 to a 478 adaptor...has anyone else heard or read about this? I think that with a 423 you can only upgrade to a 2.0 GHZ....I think thats what I read...

Thanks for all the repsonses by the way - I will try them all when I get home...

RDRAM? OK thats a start, thanks. Let me guess, is that really expensive RAM?

Brilliant, thanks very much for that. Have now resolved the query, so much appreciation for all your help.

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