Advent 3316

  Kev1982 11:00 03 Sep 2007


I dont have much of a technical knowledge, but here goes: I have an Advent 3316 with a P4 3.06ghz HT processor which gave up a few weeks ago. I was getting permanently on drive lights when trying to boot up. I turned it on, and the drive lights and CPU fan kicked in, but nothing much more, so I had to switch off at the socket (holding ATX power did nothing). Now when i press the power button on the case, I get absolutely nothing! I have tried replacing the PSU and tried replacing the motherboard with an (almost identical - slight difference in the north and south bridge chips but still same n/b and s/b manufacturer) but still get absolutely nothing when I press the power button... Can anyone help me please as I really need to get this back up and running if at all possible. i have already spent £30 on a new PSU and £35 and a lot of time hunting down a socket 478 mobo, and am getting frustrated! Any ideas would be very gratefully received!

  Kev1982 11:04 03 Sep 2007

Further to the above, the full spec can be found at:
click here


  Kev1982 14:23 04 Sep 2007

I have been looking into this a little more and I read that if you short circuit the green and black wires on the 12 pin ATX PSU/Mobo connector, then press the power button the fan should spin, and if so, this rules out a faulty PSU. I shorted them out and (without pressing anything) the CPU fan and PSU internal fan both spun as normal. Can anyone tell me:
1. Is this true: Is it definately NOT my PSU if this happens
2. What is most likely to be wrong with it, bearing in mind that both the replacement and old mobo are giving me the same results.

I removed the AGP card, ram and all optical and HDD drives and still when i press the power button: NOTHING. Its not a faulty switch either... have ruled that out with multi-meter readings. PLEASE HELP!?!

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